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be-warnian to beware, R. Ben. 7. v. be-warenian.

be-weallan; p. -weóll, pl. -weóllon; pp. -weallen, To boil away; decoquere :-- Óþ-ðæt þrydda dæ-acute;l sý beweallen till the third part be boiled away, Med. ex Quadr. 1, 3; Lchdm. i. 328, 17 : 8, 10; Lchdm. i. 360, 1.

be-wealwian; p. ode; pp. od To wallow; volutare :-- Swín on ða solu bewealwiaþ swine wallow in the mire, Bt. 37, 4; Fox 192, 29.

be-weardian, -weardigan; part. -weardigende; p. ode; pp. od To ward, protect, keep; custodire; protegere, observare :-- Ðú, Drihten, beweardast us tu, Domine, custodies nos, Ps. Spl. 11, 8. Hálige englas ða dæ-acute;da beweardiaþ holy angels protect the deeds, L. C. E. 4; Th. i. 360, 31. Beweardigende observantes, Ps. Spl. 30, 7.

be-wearp cast, Bt. 7, 2; Fox 16, 25; p. of be-weorpan.

be-weaxan, bi-weaxan; p. -weóx, pl. -weóxon; pp. -weaxen To overgrow, cover over; obducere, obserere :-- Sindon burgtúnas brérum beweaxene [MS. beweaxne] the city-dwellings are overgrown with briers, Exon. 115 b; Th. 443,17; Kl. 31. Scyllum biweaxen overgrown with scales, 60 a; Th. 219, 21; Ph. 310.

be-weddian, -weddigan; p. ede, ode; pp. ed, od To espouse, wed; spondere, despondere :-- Ic beháte oððe ic beweddige [MS. bewedige] spondeo, Ælfc. Gr. 26, 6; Som. 29, 10. Gif he híg his suna beweddap si filio suo desponderit eam, Ex. 21, 9. v. weddian.

be-weddung, e; f. A betrothal, wedding; oppigneratio, connubium :-- Be wífmannes beweddunge of a woman's betrothal, L. Edm. B. titl; Th. i. 254, 1.

be-wefan; p. -wæf, pl. -wæ-acute;fon; pp. -wefen To cover over, envelope; obtexere, obducere :-- Biþ ðæt brægen mid reáman bewefen the brain is covered over with a membrane, Lchdm. iii. 146, 4.

be-wegan; p. -wæg, pl. -wæ-acute;gon; pp. -wegen To cover, cover over, surround; obducere, circumdare :-- Bewegen wælmiste covered with the mist of death, Exon. 87 b; Th. 329, 30; Vy. 42. He hí bewæg mid wuda útan he surrounded them with wood, Bt. 39, 4; Fox 216, 25.

be-wendan; p. -wende; pp. -wended, -wend To turn, turn round or about, convert; vertere, convertere :-- Bewend to ðære menigu conversus ad turbam, Mk. Bos. 5, 30. Se Hæ-acute;lend bewende hyne the Saviour turned himself about, Mt. Bos. 9, 22 : Mk. Bos. 8, 33. Æt sumum cyrre bewend aliquando conversus, Lk. Foxe 22, 32. v. wendan.

be-wenian; p. ede; pp. ed [be, wenian to accustom, draw to one's self, honour] To entertain, take care of; hospitio accipere :-- We wæ-acute;ron hér tela bewenede we were here kindly entertained, Beo. Th. 3646, note; B. 1821. Dryht-bearn Dena duguþa bewenede [MS. and Thorpe's note, 4077; bí werede, B. 2035] a noble offspring of the Danes entertained the knights, 4077, note.

be-weópon wept over, bewailed, Num. 20, 30; p. pl. of be-wépan.

be-weorcean to adorn, Elen. Kmbl. 2045; El. 1024, v. be-wyrcan.

be-weorpan, -wyrpan; ic -weorpe, ðú -wyrpst, he -weorpeþ, -wyrpþ, pl. -weorpaþ; p. -wearp, pl. -wurpon; pp. -worpen. I. to cast, cast down, throw; projicere, dejicere :-- Seó cwén hét [híg] ðam cyninge heáfod ofaceorfan, and bewyrpan on ánne cylle the queen commanded [them] to cut off the king's head, and to cast it into a vessel, Ors. 2, 4; Bos. 45, 33. Hwæt bewearp ðé on ðás gnornunga what has cast thee into these lamentations? Bt. 7, 2; Fox 16, 25. He hæfþ us beworpen on ealra wíta mæ-acute;ste he hath cast us down into the greatest of all torments, Cd. 21; Th. 25, 13; Gen. 393. Ic wæs hér unscildig on pytt beworpen I was thrown here innocent into a dungeon, Gen. 40, 15. II. to cast about or over, cover over, surround; conjicere, supertegere, cingere :-- Hláford, læ-acute;t hine [fíctreów] gyt ðis geár, óþ ic hine bedelfe, and ic hine beweorpe mid meoxe Lord, suffer it [the fig-tree] yet this year, till I dig about it, and cast it about [surround it] with dung, Lk. Bos. 13, 8 : Oft beweorpeþ ánre þecene wundrum gewlitegad often casts over with a covering wondrously adorned, Exon. 128 b; Th. 493, 20; Rä. 81, 34. Hafaþ fægerne eard wætre beworpen it hath a fair dwelling surrounded with water, Runic pm. 28; Kmbl. 345, 8; Hick. Thes. i. 135. DER. weorpan.

be-weotian; p. ode; pp. od To observe, watch over; observare, curæ habere :-- Draca hord beweotode a dragon watched over the hoard, Beo. Th. 4431; B. 2212. v. be-witian.

be-wépan; p. -weóp, pl. -weópon; pp. -wópen To weep, weep over, bewail; flere, deflere, plorare :-- Ic bewépe defleo, Ælfc. Gr. 26, 1; Som. 28, 28. Hí beweópon Aarones forþsíþ they bewailed Adron's death, Num. 20, 30. Wyduwan heora næ-acute;ron bewópene viduæ eorum non plorabantur, Ps. Lamb. 77, 64 : Ors. 2, 8; Bos. 51, 41.

be-wépnian to unweapon, disarm, L. C. S. 61, titl; Th. i. 408, 16. v. be-wæ-acute;pnian.

be-werenes, -ness, e; f. [be-wered forbidden] A forbidding; prohibitio :-- Óþ bewerenesse to onfónne ðam hálgan gerýne usque ad prohibitionem percipiendi sancti mysterii, Bd. 1, 27; S. 496, 43.

be-werian, bi-werian, -wergan; p. ede, ode; pp. ed, od To defend restrain; defendere, prohibere, tueri :-- Bisceopas godcunde heorda bewarian and bewerian sceolon bishops ought to guard and defend [tueri debent] their spiritual flocks, L. C. E. 26; Wilk. 133, 22; Th. i. 374, 25. Bewerede coercuit, Cot. 56. Bewered prohibitus, Bd. 1, 27; S. 493, 10. Bewerode defendit, Ex. 2, 17. Bewerod prohibitus, Ælfc. Gl. 63; Som. 68, 104. DER. werian.

be-werigend, es; m. A defender; protector, Ps. Spl. 27, 11.

be-werung, e; f. A defence, fortification; tutamen :-- Bewerung strang a strong defence, Scint. 64.

be-wícian; p. ode; pp. od To encamp; castra metari :-- Ælfréd cyning bewícode betuh ðám twám hergum king Alfred encamped between the two armies, Chr. 894; Gib. 92, 21.

be-wimman; g. -wimmannes; f. [be-wimmen, Wrt. Voc. 72, 36] A niece; neptis, Som. Lye. v. wimman.

be-windan, bi-windan; p. -wand, -wond, pl. -wundon; pp. -wunden; v. a. To wind or bind around or about, entwine, wrap, enwrap, encircle, surround, wind, turn; amplecti, involvere, cingere, circumdare, volvere :-- Hí ísene næglas mid flexe bewundon they wound iron nails round with flax, Ors. 4, 1; Bos. 78, 8. Wæs bewunden was wound round, Andr. Kmbl. 38; An. 19. Wírum bewunden bound round with wires, Beo. Th. 2066; B. 1031. Iosep bewand hyne mid clæ-acute;nre scýtan Ioseph involvit illud in sindone munda, Mt. Bos. 27, 59 : Lk. Bos. 2, 7 : Bd. 3, 11; S. 536, 9. Geseah heó monnes líchoman mid scýtan bewundenne vidit corpus hominis sindone involutum, Bd. 4, 9; S. 576, 32. Wæs Cristes lof on fyrhþlocan bewunden Christ's praise was entwined within his breast, Andr. Kmbl. 116; An. 58 : Beo. Th. 6283; B. 3146. Bi-wunden entwined, Exon. 69 a; Th. 256, 20; Jul. 234. Sum gæ-acute;stes þearfe móde bewindeþ one wraps his spirit's need in his mind, 79 b; Th. 298, 18; Crä. 87 : Ps. Th. 102, 12. Wæs feorh æðelinges flæ-acute;sce bewunden the prince's soul was wrapped in flesh, Beo. Th. 4840; B. 2424. Mec mon folmum biwond, and mec ðá on þeóstre alegde biwundenne mid wonnum cláðum one with hands enwrapped me, and then laid me in darkness enwrapped in dusky clothes, Exon. 28 b; Th. 87, 9-12; Cri. 1422-1424. He wæs cláðum biwunden he was enwrapped with clothes, 18 b; Th. 45, 27; Cri. 725. Ðæ-acute;r is geat gylden wynnum be-wunden there is the golden gate encircled with joys, Cd. 227; Th. 305, 21; Sat. 650 : Beo. Th. 6097; B. 3052. He is wuldre biwunden he is encircled with glory, Exon. 65 b; Th. 241, 34; Ph. 666. Ða þreó wæter steápe stánbyrig streámum bewindaþ the three waters surround lofty cities of stone with their streams, Cd. 100; Th. 133, 18; Gen. 2212. Hwonne us líffreá tíre bewinde when the Lord of life may surround us with honour, Exon. 8 a; Th. 3, 1; Cri. 29. Ic eom bewunden mid wuldre I am surrounded with glory, 108 a; Th. 412, 18; Rä. 31, 2. He geseah Sennera feld sídne bewindan he saw Shinar's field wide winding, Cd. 205; Th. 253, 28; Dan. 602. Abraham bewand ða hleóðorcwydas on hige sínum Abraham turned the revelations in his mind, 107; Th. 140, 34; Gen. 2337.

be-wiste governed, presided, Gen. 24, 2; p. of be-witan.

be-witan; ic. he -wát, ðú -wást, pl. -witon; p. -wiste, pl. -wiston; pp. -witen; v. trans. [be near, witan to know, see, take care of] To overlook, watch over, superintend, preside, govern, administer; præesse, administrare :-- Ðe ealle his þing bewiste qui præerat omnibus quæ habebat, Gen. 24, 2. Ne miht ðú leng tún-scíre bewitan jam non poteris villicare, Lk. Bos. 16, 2 : Ex. 3, 7 : 5, 14 : Ors. 2, 2; Bos. 41, 33 : 2, 4; Bos. 43, 21 : 6, 37; Bos. 132, 21. Fæder ealle gesceafte bewát the father watches over all creatures, Exon. 128 a; Th. 492, 5; Rä. 81, 9. To bewitanne, Gen. 39, 4.

be-witian, -witigan, -weotian; p. ode; pp. od To observe, take care of, administer, perform; observare, curæ habere, exsequi, peragere :-- Ne mágon hí tunglu bewitian they may not observe the heavenly bodies, Exon. 89 b; Th. 335, 31; Gn. Ex. 40. Hí oft bewitigaþ sorgfulne síþ they often perform a sorrowful journey, Beo. Th. 2861; B. 1428 : Exon. 12 b; Th. 22, 18; Cri. 353.

be-wlát looked, beheld, Cd. 142; Th. 177, 6; Gen. 2925; p. of be-wlítan.

be-wlátian; p. ode; pp. od To see, look, behold; videre, conspicere :-- Eágan ðíne geseón oððe bewlátion [MS. bewlatiun] efnysse oððe rihtwísnesse oculi tui videant æquitates, Ps. Lamb. 16, 2. To gescyldnysse mínre beseoh oððe bewláta ad defensionem meam conspice, 21, 20.

be-wlátung, e; f. Show, sight, pageant; spectaculum. DER. be-wlátian.

be-wlítan; p. -wlát, pl. -wliton; pp. -wliten To look, behold; spectare, respicere :-- Se eádega bewlát rinc ofer exle the happy man looked over his shoulder, Cd. 142; Th. 177, 6; Gen. 2925.

be-wópen bewailed, Ors. 2, 8; Bos. 51, 41; pp. of be-wépan.

be-worht made, built, covered, Jos. 2, 1; pp. of be-wyrcan.

be-worpen cast, cast down, thrown, cast about, surrounded, Cd. 21; Th. 25, 13; Gen. 393 : Gen. 40, 15 : Runic pm. 28; Kmbl. 345, 8; Hick. Thes. i. 135; pp. of be-weorpan.

be-wræ-acute;con exiled, sent forth, Cd. 189; Th. 235, 12; Dan. 305; p. pl. of be-wrecan.