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be-wreáh covered, covered over, protected, Ps. Th. 104, 34; p. of be-wreón.

be-wrecan, bi-wrecan; p. -wræc, pl. -wræ-acute;con; pp. -wrecen. I. to exile, send forth; pellere, propellere :-- Ðú úsic bewræ-acute;ce in æ-acute;htgewealda thou hast exiled us into bondage, Exon. 53 a; Th. 186, 25; Az. 25. Ða us bewræ-acute;con they have sent us forth, Cd. 189; Th. 235, 12; Dan. 305. II. to strike or beat around, afflict; circum pulsare :-- We land gesóhton wære bewrecene we sought the land beaten round [afflicted] with the sea, Andr. Kmbl. 537; An. 269. III. to drive or bring to; appellere :-- Ceólas léton sande bewrecene they let the keels [ships] be driven to the sand [shore], Elen. Kmbl. 502; El. 251. DER. wrecan.

be-wrencan; p. -wrencte; pp. -wrenced [be about, wrenc deceit] To deceive; occultis machinationibus circumvenire, Prov. Kmbl. 34.

be-wreón; p. -wreáh, pl. -wrugon; pp. -wrogen To cover, cover over, protect, clothe; tegere, contegere, operire, protegere, velare :-- Bewrugon [bewreogon MS.] me þýstru contexerunt me tenebræ, Ps. Spl. 54. 5. Mid mínum bysmre ic eom bewrogen confusio vultus mei operuit me, Ps. Th. 43, 17. Ðú bewruge me fram gemétinge awyrgedra protexisti me a conventu malignantium, Ps. Spl. 63, 2. He hí wolcne bewreáh he protected them with a cloud, Ps. Th, 104, 34. Ic wæs nacod, and ge me noldon bewreón I was naked, and ye would not clothe me, Past. 44, 7; Hat. MS. 62 b, 21.

be-wrigen, -wrigon covered, concealed, Bt. Met. Fox 4, 93; Met, 4, 47; pp. and p. pl. of be-wríhan.

be-wrigennes, -ness, e; f. A hiding, keeping close or concealing; occultatio. DER. be-wríhan.

be-wríhan, bi-wríhan; p. wráh, pl. -wrigon; pp. -wrigen To cover over, conceal, wrap up; velare, operire :-- Se snáw bewríhþ wyrta cíþ the snow covers over the germ of herbs, Salm. Kmbl. 605; Sal, 302, Ic :goldwine mínne hrusan heolstre biwráh I covered my bounteous patron in a cave of the earth, Exon. 76 b; Th. 287, 32; Wand. 23. Bewrigen mid wrencum concealed by frauds, Bt. Met. Fox 4, 93; Met. 4, 47 : Cd. 8; Th. 10, 14; Gen. 156. Bewrigenum wrapped up, instr. Cd. 77; Th. 95, 28; Gen. 1585. DER. be-wrigennes, wríhan.

be-wríhþ covers over, Salm. Kmbl. 605; Sal. 302; 3rd pers. pres. of be-wríhan.

be-wrítan, bi-wrítan; p. -wrát, pl. -writon; pp. -writen To write down, inscribe; inscribere, Exon. 92 b; Th. 347, 27; Sch. 19.

be-wríðan, he -wríþ; p. -wráþ, pl. -wriðon; pp. -wriðen To bind, bind round, begird; ligare, redimire :-- Meotud bewríþ mid his wuldre eall eorþbúend the Creator shall wreathe with his glory all earth's inhabitants, Exon. 18 a; Th. 45, 12; Cri. 718. Duru wundurclommum bewriðen the door bound with wondrous bands, 12 a; Th. 19, 33; Cri. 310. DER. wríðan.

be-wrogen covered, covered over; opertus, Ps. Th. 43, 17; pp. of be-wreón.

be-wruge hast protected; protexisti, Ps. Spl. 63, 2; 2nd pers. sing. p. of be-wreón.

be-wunden wrapped, enwrapped, Beo. Th. 4840; B. 2424 :-- wundon wound or bound round, Ors. 4, 1; Bos. 78, 8; pp. and p. pl. of be-windan.

be-wyddod betrothed; desponsatus, L. Ethb. 83; Th. i. 24, 5, = beweddod; pp. of be-weddian.

be-wyrcan, -weorcean, bi-wyrcan; p. -worhte, pl. -worhton; pp. -worht To work, work in, insert, make, build, cover, adorn; elaborare, immittere, facere, ædificare, inducere, exornare :-- Bewyrc us on heortan Háligne Gást work the Holy Ghost into our hearts, Hy. 7, 79; Hy. Grn. ii. 288, 79. Ne wát ic mec beworhtne wulle flýsum I know not that I was made with fleeces of wool, Exon. 109 a; Th. 417, 11; Rä. 36, 3. He læ-acute;men fæt biwyrcan hét he commanded to make an earthen vessel, 74 a; Th. 277, 3; Jul. 575. Babylónia is mid stæ-acute;nenum wíghúsum beworht Babylon is built with stone towers, Ors. 2, 4; Bos. 44, 30 : Jos. 2, 1. Se mid weaxe beworhte he covered it with wax, Ors. 2, 5; Bos. 46, 30. Ða téþ on golde bewyrc cover the teeth with gold, Med. ex Quadr. 1, 1; Lchdm. i. 326, 16. Seó cwén ða róde héht golde beweorcean the queen commanded to adorn the cross with gold, Elen. Kmbl. 2045; El. 1024.

be-wyrpan to cast, throw, Ors. 2, 4; Bos. 45, 33. v. be-weorpan.

be-yrnan, -irnan; he -yrnþ; p. -arn, pl. -urnon; pp. -urnen [be by, yrnan to run] To run by, to come in, occur, incur; percurrere :-- Be-arn me on móde it occurred to my mind, Homl. Th. i. 2, 6. Án wundor me nú on mód be-arn one wonder now [runs by me into the mind] occurs to me, Dial. 1, 20. He ne be-arn on leásunga synne he incurred not the sin of [leasing] lying, Dial. 1, 2 : Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. popl. science 7, 1; Lchdm. iii. 244, 20.

bezera, an; m : bezere, es; m. The baptist :-- Se bezera, Mt. Rush. Stv. 3, 1. v. bædzere.

bi by, near, concerning. v. be, bí.

a bee; apis : found in the compound bí-breád.

bí; prep. dat. [Bí is more frequently shortened into be. In compounds it is generally written be- or bi-; but bí- is long where it is used for big, or is a contraction, thus, - bí-spell for big-spell, and as bí-breád for beó-breád. v. be.] 1. dat. By, near to, at, in, upon; juxta, prope, apud, in :-- Arás bí ronde oretta the champion arose by his shield, Beo. Th. 5069; B. 2538. He bí sesse geóng he went by the seat, 5506; B. 2756. Bí staðe fæste fast by the shore, Exon. 96 b; Th. 361, 11; Wal. 18. Hwearf bí bence turned by the bench, Beo. Th. 2380;

B. 1188. 2. dat. Of, about; de, quoad :-- Ðæt bí ðé sóþfæst sægde Esaias what Isaiah said truly of thee, Exon. 12 a; Th. 19, 16; Cri, 301. Hýrde ic secgan gén bí sumum fugle I have yet heard tell of a certain bird, 97 b; Th. 365, 17; Reb. 1. Bí ðon se wítga song of whom the prophet sang, 17 a; Th. 41, 4; Cri. 650. 3. dat. By, through, because of, after, according to, in comparison with; per, secundum, pro, ex :-- Bí hwon scealt ðú lifgan by what art thou to live? Exon. 36 b; Th. 118, 23; Gú. 244. Bí noman gehátne called by name, 23 b; Th. 66, 16; Cri. 1072. Bí heofonwóman through the crash of heaven, 20 a; Th. 52, 18; Cri. 835. Leán cumaþ werum bí gewyrhtum retribution shall come to men according to their works, 27 b; Th. 84, 3; Cri. 1368 : 76 a; Th. 286, 8; Jul. 728. Ðisses fugles gecynd fela gelíces bí ðám gecornum Cristes þegnum the nature of this bird is much like to the chosen servants of Christ, 61 b; Th. 225, 12; Ph. 388. 4. sometimesis separated from its case :-- Bí wædes ófre by the shore of the sea, Exon. 96 b; Th. 360, 22; Wal. 9.

biágian; p. ode; pp. od [beág a crown] To crown; coronare :-- Ðú biágodyst hine coronasti eum, Ps. Spl. C. 8, 6. v. beágian.

biaþ are; for bióþ, Mt. Lind. Stv. 26, 31; pl. pres. of bión = beón.

bi-baðian, p. ode; pp. od To bathe, wash; lavare :-- Se æðela fugel hine bibaðaþ in ðam burnan the noble fowl bathes itself in the brook, Exon. 57 b; Th. 205, 3; Ph. 107. v. be-baðian.

bi-beódan; p. -beád, pl. -budon; pp. -boden To order, command, bid; jubere, mandare, Exon. 56 a; Th. 200, 6; Ph. 36 : 93 a; Th. 349, 13; Sch. 45. v. be-beódan.

biblio-þéce, an; f. [βιβλιοθ&eta-tonos;κη = βιβλ&iota-tonos;ον a book, θ&eta-tonos;κη repository, a library]. I. a library; bibliotheca, C. R. Ben. 50. II. a collection of books in one volume, hence, - The Bible; biblia :-- Hieronimus, se wurþfulla and se wísa bócere, úre Biblioþécan gebrohte to Lédene of Gréciscum bócum and of Ebréiscum Jerome, the worthy and wise author, translated our Bible out of the Greek and Hebrew books into Latin, Ælfc. T. Grn. 16, 6-8. Se saltere ys án bóc on ðære Biblioþécan the psalter is one book in the Bible, Ælfc. T. 14, 25. Iohannes awrát ða bóc, Apocalipsis geháten, and ðeós bóc ys æftemyst on ðære Biblioþécan John wrote the book called Revelation, and this book is the last in the Bible, Ælfc. T. 31, 23.

bi-bod, es; n. A command, decree, an order; mandatum, jussum, Exon. 25 a; Th. 71, 22; Cri. 1159 : Hy. 4, 34; Hy. Grn. ii. 283, 34. v. be-bod.

bí-breád, es; n. Bee-bread; apium panis :-- Þynceþ bíbreád swétre, gif he æ-acute;r bitres onbyrgeþ bee-bread seemeth sweeter, if he before has a taste of bitter, Bt. Met. Fox 12, 17; Met. 12, 9. v. beó-breád I.

bí-búgan; p. -beág, pl. -bugon; pp. -bogen To avoid; avertere, Exon. 45 a; Th. 154, 9; Gú. 840. v. be-búgan.

bi-bycgong, e; f. [be, bycg from bycgan to buy] A selling away; venditio. v. bebycgean.

bi-byrgan; p. de; pp. ed To bury, Exon. 24 b; Th. 71, 21; Cri. 1159. v. be-byrgan.

BICCE, bice, bicge, an; f. A BITCH, a female of the canine kind; canicula :-- Biccean [biccan MS. B.] meolc bitch's milk, Med. ex Quadr. 9, 8, 9; Lchdm. i. 362, 15, 18. [Piers P. bicche; Ger. bätze, betze, petze, f : Icel. bikkja, f.]

biccen; adj. Belonging to a bitch; caninus; the adj. of bicce.

bi-cerran to pass by; præterire, Mk. Lind. Rush. War. 6, 48. v. becerran.

bicgan to buy, procure, Jn. Bos. 4, 8 : Beo. Th. 2615; B. 1305 : Exon. 120 b; Th. 463, 11; Hö. 68 : Salm. Kmbl, 403; Sal. 202 : Exon. 114 a; Th. 436, 37; Rä. 55, 12. v. bycgan.

bicge a bitch; canicula, Ælfc. Gl. 21; Wrt. Voc. 23, 33. v. bicce.

bi-clyppan; p. -clypte; pp. -clypt To clip, embrace, inclose, clasp; amplecti, Exon. 59 b; Th. 217, 8; Ph. 277. v. be-clyppan.

bícnian, bícnigan; part. bícniende; he bícneþ; p. ode; pp. od; v. a. I. to beckon, nod; innuere :-- He wæs bícniende him erat innuens illis, Lk. Bos. 1, 22. Bícnodon hí to his fæder innuebant patri ejus, 1, 62 : 5, 7. II. to indicate, signify, announce, shew; indicare, significare :-- He sceal mid bellan bícnigan ða tída he shall with bells announce the times, L. Ælf. C. 11; Th. ii. 346, 29. v. beácnian.

bícnung a sign; signum, signatio. v. beácnung.

bi-cowen gnawed, Exon. 99 b; Th. 373, 20; Seel. 111; pp. of bi-ceówan. v. be-ceówan.

bi-cweðan; p. -cwæþ, pl. cwæ-acute;don; pp. -cweden To say; dicere, Exon. 37 b; Th. 123, 32; Gú. 331. v. be-cweðan.

bí-cwide a proverb, Prov. 22. v. big-cwide.

bi-cwom, pl. -cwómon came, entered :-- Ðá ic to hám bicwom when I came home, Exon. 86 a; Th. 324, 14; Wíd. 94 : 20 b; Th. 53, 32; Cri. 859 : 17 a; Th. 39, 33; Cri. 631 : 48 b; Th. 168, 2; Gú. 1071. Út bicwómon [MS. bicwoman], 24 a; Th. 69, 1; Cri. 1114. v. be-com, p. of be-cuman.