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gúþ-reów; adj. Fierce in fight, Beo. Th. 115; B. 58.

gúþ-rinc, es; m. A man of war, warrior, Beo. Th. 1681; B. 838: 3007; B. 1501: 3766; B. 1881: Byrht. Th. 135, 55; By. 138: Andr. Kmbl. 309; An. 155: 783; An. 392.

gúp-róf; adj. Famous in war, Beo. Th. 1220; B. 608: Elen. Kmbl. 545; El. 273.

gúþ-sceaða, an; m. One who harms by warlike attack, Beo. Th. 4625; B. 2318.

gúþ-scear, es; m. War-shearing, slaughter in battle, Beo. Th. 2430, B. 1213. v. scear, inwit-scear.

gúþ-sceorp, es; n. War-clothing; vestitus vel ornatus bellicus, Judth. 12; Thw. 26, 15; Jud. 329.

gúþ-scrúd, es; n. War-clothing, Elen. Kmbl. 515; El. 258.

gúþ-searo; n. Arms, armour, Beo. Th. 435; B. 215: 661; B. 328: Andr. Kmbl. 253; An. 127.

gúþ-sele, es; m. A war-hall, hall in which warriors, sit, Beo. Th. 890; B. 443.

gúþ-spell, es; n. War-tidings, Cd. 97; Th. 126, 18; Gen. 2097.

gúþ-sweord, es; n. A sword, Beo. Th. 4314; B. 2154.

gúþ-þræc; gen. -þræce; pl. nom. gen. acc. -þraca; f. War-force; vis bellica :-- Mid gúþþræce with war-force, Cd. 50; Th. 64, 6; Gen. 1046: 93; Th. 119, 2; Gen. 1973.

gúþ-þreát, es; m. A martial band, Cd. 151; Th. 190, 2; Exod. 193.

gúþ-weard, es; m. A war-guard, a king, Cd. 151; Th. 188, 26; Exod. 174: Elen. Kmbl. 27; El. 14.

gúþ-weorc, es; n. A warlike work or deed, Andr. Kmbl. 2133; An. 1068.

gúþ-wérig; adj. Weary with battle, Beo. Th. 3176; B. 1586.

gúþ-wíga, an; m. A warrior, Beo. Th. 4230; B. 2112.

gúþ-wine, es; m. A comrade, friend in war, Beo. Th. 3624; B. 1810: 5463; B. 2735.

gúþ-wudu, a; m. War-wood, a spear, Fins. Th. 11; Fin. 6.

gycel-stán. v. gicel-stán.

gyd, gyddian. v. gid, giddian.

gyden, e; f: gydene, an; f. A goddess; dea :-- Iuno wæs swíðe heálíc gyden Juno was a very lofty goddess, Salm. Kmbl. 121, 32. Sceolde bión gydene was said to be a goddess, Bt. 38, 1; Fox 194, 19: Bt. Met. Fox 26, 105; Met. 26, 53. Óþ he gemétte ða graman gydena until he met the fierce goddesses, 35, 6; Fox 168, 24. Seó hæfde geháten heora gydenne Dianan ðæt heó wolde hiere líf on fæ-acute;mnháde alibban she had promised their goddess Diana that she would live her life in virginity; virgo vestalis, Ors. 3, 6; Swt. 108, 17. [Cf. Icel. guðja: O. H. Ger. gutin, gutenna: Ger. göttin.]

gydenlíc; adj. Nunlike, vestal; vestalis, Cot. 179, Lye.

gyf. v. gif.

gyfa. v. gifa.

gyfan. v. gifan.

gyfen, es; n. Ocean :-- Ne on gyfenes grund not in ocean's bed [ground], Beo. Th. 2792, note ; B. 1394. v geofon.

gyfl. v. gift.

gyft. v. gift.

gyfu, e; gen. pl. -ena; f. A gift, grace; donum, gratia :-- Gyfu gif hwylc is of me donum quodcumque ex me, Mk. Bos. 7, 11. Godes gyfu wæs on him gratia Dei erat in illo, Lk. Bos. 2, 40: Cd. 212; Th. 262,

5; Dan. 739. v. gifu.

gyfung. v. gifung.

gy-fylness, e; f. Completion, end :-- Oþ ða gyfylnesse ðisse worlde until the end of the world, Blickl. Homl. 145, 16. v. ge-fylness.

gyhþa. v. gihþa.

gyhþu. v. gehþo.

gyld, gyldan. v. gild, gildan.

gylda. v. gilda.

gyldan; p. ede To gild, Chr. 1052; Th. 321, 25. [Icel. gylla: O. H. Ger. uber-guldete; p.]

gylden, gilden; adj. Golden; aureus :-- Gylden wed vel feoh arra, Ælfc. Gl. 14; Som. 58, 11; Wrt. Voc. 21, 6. Gylden læfr bractea, 58; Som. 67, 111; Wrt. Voc. 38, 34. Gylden fel bractea, Cot. 27, Lye. Gyldena vel gegylde fatu crisendeta, Ælfc. Gl. 67; Som. 69, 97; Wrt. Voc. 41, 48. Ðá stód ðæ-acute;r gyldenu onlícnes then stood there a golden image, Shrn. 88, 22. Ðæ-acute;r is geat gylden there is a golden gate, Cd. 227; Th. 305; 19; Sat. 649. On sumum gyldenum wecge to a golden wedge, Homl. Th. i. 60, 29. Under gyldenum beáge under a golden crown, Beo. Th. 2330; B. 1163. To ðam gyldnan gylde to the idol of gold, Cd. 182; Th. 228, 18; Dan. 204. Hring gyldenne a golden ring, Beo. Th. 5611; B. 2809. [Laym. gulden: Orm. gilden: O. Sax. guldin: O. Frs. gulden, golden, gelden: Icel. gullinn: O. H. Ger. guldin: Ger. gülden, golden.] DER. eal-gylden.

gylden-beáh, -beág, es; m. A crown :-- Mid gehálgodon gildenbeáge with the hallowed crown, Lev. 8, 9.

gylden-feaxa; adj. Having golden hair; auricomus, Cot. 11, Lye. [Cf. ge-feaxe.]

gylding-wecg a gold mine, a vein of gold; aurifodina, Cot. 16, 167, Som.

gylian; p. ede To yell, shout out :-- Styrmde and gylede shouted and yelled, Judth. 10; Thw. 21, 19; Jud. 25. v. gellan.

gyllan yell, chirp, Cd. 167; Th. 208, 26; Exod. 489: Fins. Th. 10; Fin. 6. v. gellan.

gylm. v. gilm.

gylp, and its compounds. v. gilp, etc.

GYLT, gilt, gelt, gielt, es; m. Guilt, crime, sin, offence, fault, wrong, debt, fine, forfeiture :-- Gylt facinus vel culpa, Wrt. Voc. 86, 67. Adames gylt Adam's guilt, Blickl. Homl. 9, 5: 23, 5: Exon. 61 b; Th. 226, 19; Ph. 408. For ðam gylte ðe hig worhton ðæt gildene celf for the sin of making the golden calf, Ex. 32, 35; Deut. 9, 21. Eustatius hæfde gecýdd ðam cynge ðet hit sceolde beón máre gylt ðære burhwaru ðonne his Eustace had told the king that it was more the citizens' fault than his, Chr. 1048; Erl. 178, 9. Man geútlagode Ælfgár bútan æ-acute;lcan gylte Ælfgar was outlawed without any crime [being proved against him], Chr. 1055; Erl. 188, 28: 189, 35. Æt ðam forman gylte ðære fiohbóte onfón on the first offence to accept pecuniary compensation, L. Alf. 49; Th. i. 58, 8: L. Alf. pol. 7; Th. i. 66, 12: L. In. 73; Th. i. 148, 11: L. Ath. 1, 11; Th. i. 206, 3: L. Edg. S. 2, 2; Th. i. 266, 13. Gif he ðæ-acute;r gylt gewyrce if he there do wrong, L. Ath. 1, 8; Th. i. 204, 8. Gylt ceápes crime in business, Lchdm. iii. 198, 10. Þurh forman gylt through the first sin, Cd. 48; Th. 61, 17; Gen. 998. Forgyf us úre gyltas demitte nobis debita nostra, Mt. Kmbl. 6, 12: Ps. Th. 84, 3. Gyltas delicta, Ps. Spl. 18, 13. Geltas, Ps. C. 50, 39; Ps. Grn. ii. 277, 39. Gieltas, Exon. 62 b; Th. 229, 26; Ph. 461. Forgifnesse ealra heora gylta forgiveness of all their sins, Blickl. Homl. 193, 24: Elen. Kmbl. 1631; El, 817. Gyltum forgiefene given up to sins, Exon. 39 a; Th. 130, 2; Gú. 432. Forgeaf him ðone gylt debitum dimisit ei, Mt. Kmbl. 18, 27, 32. Ealle ða gyltes ða belimpeþ to míne kinehelme omnes forisfacturas que pertinent ad regiam coronam meam, Th. Chart. 423, 3. [Laym. A. R. gult: Orm. gillt: Ayenb. gelt.] Cf. scyld.

gyltan; p. gylte; pp. gylt To commit guilt or sin, to be guilty :-- Ðara gyltendra scylda the sins of the guilty, Past. 21; Swt. 167, 6; Hat. MS. [Orm. gilltenn: Wicl. gilten: O. E. Homl. gulte; p.] v. gylting, gyltend, a-, for-gyltan.

gylte GELT, gelded; castratus, Som.

gyltend, es; m. A debtor, an offender; debitor :-- Gyltend lapsus, Rtl. 189, 25. Swá swá we forgyfaþ úrum gyltegdum sicut nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris, Mt. Bos. 6, 12. v. gyltende.

gyltende. v. gyltan.

gyltig; adj. GUILTY, liable, bound; reus :-- Swá hwylc swá swereþ on ðære offrunge ðe ofer ðæt weofud ys, se ys gyltig quicumque juraverit in dono quod est super illud, debet, Mt. Kmbl. 23, 18. [A. R. Heo is gulti of the bestes deaðe, 58, 17: Chauc. gulty.]

gylting, e; f. Sinning, sin :-- Gyiltincg prævaricatio, Rtl. 109, 41. Gultingum delictis, 66, 29. Gyltingum, 124, 42.

gyltlíc wicked, sinful :-- Gé gehýrdon gyltlíce spræ-acute;ce audistis blasphemiam, Mt. Kmbl. 26, 65.

gym a gem. v. gim.

GÝMAN, géman, gíman, giéman; p. de To care for, take care of, take heed to, heed, observe, regard, keep; cum gen. acc :-- Ic gýme mín wedd I will keep my covenant, Lev. 26, 42. Ic geornor gýme ymb ðæs gæ-acute;stes forwyrd ðonne ðæs líchoman I care more earnestly about the spirit's destruction than the body's, Exon. 71 b; Th. 267, 12; Jul. 414. Ic ne gýme ðæs compes I care not for the strife, 105 b; Th. 402, 26; Rä. 21, 35: Lev. 26, 43. Egesan ne gýmeþ heeds not terror, Beo. Th. 3519; B. 1757. Dryhten mín gýmþ Deus curam habet mei, Ps. Th. 39, 20. Óðres ne gýmeþ to gebídanne yrfeweardes he cares not to wait for another heir, Beo. Th. 4894; B. 2451. Se deópa seáð giémeþ gæ-acute;sta the deep pit keeps the spirits, Exon. 30 b; Th. 94, 26; Cri. 1546. Se ðe ne giémeþ hwæðer his gæ-acute;st síe earm ðe eádig who heeds not whether his spirit be miserable or blessed, Th. 95, 6; Cri. 1553. Swíðe geornlíce giémaþ ðæt hie ða eorþlícan heortan gelæ-acute;ren they take very diligent heed to instruct the wordly hearts, Past. 21; Swt. 161, 15; Hat. MS. Gýmaþ, Ps. Th. 118, 122. Ðæt he ðone stán nime hláfes ne gýme to take the stone and neglect the bread, Elen. Kmbl. 1229; El. 616: Exon. 66 b; Th. 246, 32; Jul. 70. He æ-acute;tes ne gímde he did not care for food, Swt. A. S. Rdr. 60, 110. Giémde, Exon. 34 b; Th. 111, 3; Gú. 121. Ðæt hig gímdon ðæs dæges and ðære nihte to rule the day and the night, Gen. 1, 18. Moises and Aaron and hira bærn gímdon ðæs temples Moses and Aaron and their children took charge of the temple, Num. 3, 38. Rihtes ne gýmdon cared not for right, Andr. Kmbl. 278; An. 139: Cd. 113; Th. 148, 20; Gen. 2459: Exon. 18 a; Th. 44, 22; Cri. 706. Hí gýmdon hwæder ... observabant si..., Mk. Skt. 3, 2: Lk. Skt. 6, 7. Ne gím ðú drýcræfta regard not the arts of wizards, Lev. 19, 31, 26: Deut. 18, 10: Beo. Th. 3525; B. 1760. Gém observe, Bt. Met. Fox 29, 6; Met. 29, 3. Gýmaþ and warniaþ intuemini et cavete, Mt. Kmbl. 16, 6. Sceal ic nú æ-acute;niges lustes gíman shall I care now for any pleasure, Gen. 18, 12. Ða ðe bet cunnon sceolon gýman óðra manna those who know better are to take care of other men, Homl. Th. ii. 282, 1: Ps. Th. 77, 10: Exon. 31 a; Th. 96, 5; Cri. 1569. Gif his ðé géman lyst if you pleased to care about it, Bt. Met. Fox 31, 2; Met. 31, 1. Gýman ðæs grundes to take charge of the abyss, Cd. 18; Th. 22, 31, 25; Gen. 349, 346. [Laym. A. R. &yogh;emen: Orm. &yogh;emenn: Piers P. &yogh;eme: Goth. gaumjan: O. Sax. gómean: Icel. geyma: Dan. gjemme: Swed. gömma: O. H. Ger. goumon.] DER. for-, ge-, ofer-gýman. v. géman.