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heofon-fugol, es; m. A bird of the air, fowl of heaven :-- Heofon-fugelas healdaþ eardas volucres cæli habitabunt, Ps. Th. 103, 11: Cd. 192; Th. 240, 16; Dan. 387: 74; Th. 91, 21; Gen. 1515: 10; Th. 13, 11; Gen. 201.

heofon-hæbbende arcitenens, sagittarius, Lye.

heofon-hálig; adj. Heaven-holy, of celestial holiness, Andr. Kmbl. 1455; An. 728.

heofon-hám, es; m. A heavenly home, heaven :-- On heofonháme in cælo, Ps. Th. 102, 18: 137, 6: 148, 4: Exon. 12 a; Th. 18, 33; Cri. 293. Ðú ðe heofonhámas healdest and wealdest qui habitas in cælo, Ps. Th. 122, 1.

heofon-heáh; adj. Heaven-high, reaching to heaven :-- Heofonheánne beám a tree the height whereof reached unto heaven [Dan. 4, 11], Cd. 202; Th. 250, 29; Dan. 554.

heofon-heall, e; f. A heavenly hall :-- Ne hí swá fúle ne móton intó his fægeran heofonhealle nor may they so foul enter into his fair heavenly hall, L. Ælfc. P. 41; Th. ii. 382, 10.

heofon-hláf, es; m. Heavenly bread, bread from heaven, manna :-- Hí heofonhláfe hálige gefylde pani cæli saturavit eos, Ps. Th. 104, 35. [Cf. O. H. Ger. himel-brot.]

heofon-hróf, es; m. I. the roof of heaven, heaven :-- Under heofunhrófe under the roof of heaven, Exon. 58 a; Th. 209, 19; Ph. 173. II. a roof, ceiling :-- Heofenhróf lacunar, Cot. 119, Lye. [Cf. O. H. Ger. himil laqueare, lacunar, camera: himilizi lacunar, laquear.]

heofon-hwealf, e; f. The vault of heaven, Andr. Kmbl. 1089; An. 545: 2803; An. 1404.

heofonisc; adj. Heavenly :-- Hú ðæt heofenisce fýr forbærnde ðæt lond on ðæm wæ-acute;ron ða twá byrig on getimbred Sodome and Gomorre how fire from heaven consumed the land in which were built the two cities Sodom and Gomorrah, Ors. tit. 3; Swt. 1, 6. [Cf. O. Sax. O. H. Ger. himilisk: O. Frs. himelesk: Icel. hifneskr, himneskr.]

heofon-leóht, es; n. Heavenly light, Andr. Kmbl. 1948; An. 976. [Cf. O. H. Ger. himel-lieht.]

heofon-leóma, an; m. A heavenly radiance, light, Andr. Kmbl. 1675; An. 840. [Cf. Icel. himin-ljómi.]

heofon-líc; adj. Heavenly :-- Mín se heofenlíca Fæder Pater meus cælestis, Mt. Kmbl. 18, 35: Ps. Th. 67, 14. Ðín rihtwísnes is swá heáh swá ða heofonlícan muntas justitia tua sicut montes Dei, 35, 6. Heofonlícæ þing cælestia, Jn. Skt. 3, 12. [Cf. O. H. Ger. himil-líh cælestis.]

heofon-líce; adv. From heaven, heavenly; celitus, Ælfc. Gr. 38; Som. 42, 3.

heofon-ligende [lifigende?] cælebs, virgo, quod vitam cælestem agat, Som.

heofon-mægen, es; n. Heavenly might :-- Bibodu hálgan heofonmægnes the commands of the holy heavenly power [God], Exon. 118 a; Th. 454, 19; Hy. 4, 35. Heofonmægna God God of the heavenly powers, 256; Th. 75, 8: Cri. 1218.

heofon-ríce, es; n. The kingdom of heaven :-- Biþ him heofonríce ágiefen to them shall be given the kingdom of heaven, Exon. 26 a; Th. 77, 22; Cri. 1260. Heofenríces duru the door of the kingdom of heaven, Blickl. Homl. 9, 1. Heofonríces weard auctorem regni cælestis, Bd. 4, 24; S. 597, 20: Cd. 69; Th. 82, 17; Gen. 1363. [O. Sax. he&b-bar;an-ríki: cf. O. Sax. himil-ríki: O. Frs. himel-rík: Icel. himin-ríki: Dan. himme-rige: O. H. Ger. himil-ríchi: Ger. himmel-reich.]

heofon-steorra, an; m. A star of heaven :-- Seó mænigeo mæ-acute;re wæ-acute;re swá heofonsteorran the multitude should be great as the stars of heaven, Cd. 190; Th. 236, 15; Dan. 321: 192; Th. 239, 17; Dan. 371. Hreósaþ heofonsteorran the stars of heaven shall fall, Exon. 23 a; Th. 64, 27; Cri. 1044.

heofon-stól, es; m. A heavenly throne, Cd. 1; Th. 1, 15; Gen. 8.

heofon-þreát, es; m. A heavenly band, Cd. 218; Th. 278, 15; Sat. 222.

heofon-þrym, -mes: m. Heavenly glory or majesty, Andr. Kmbl. 962; An. 481: 3436; An. 1722.

heofon-timber, es; n. A heavenly structure, Cd. 8; Th. 9, 23; Gen. 146.

heofon-torht; adj. Heaven-bright, Exon. 93 b; Th. 351, 1; Sch. 73: Cd. 146; Th. 182, 19; Exod. 78: Andr. Kmbl. 2035; An. 1020: 2539; An. 1270: Bt. Met. Fox 23, 6; Met. 23, 3.

heofon-tungol, es; n. A heavenly body :-- Hádor heofontungol the sun, Bt. Met. Fox 22, 47; Met. 22, 24. Hæ-acute;dre heofontungol bright heavenly bodies. Exon. 18 a; Th. 43, 23; Cri. 693; 56 a; Th. 199, 28; Ph. 32: Cd. 199; Th. 247, 23; Dan. 501. [Cf. O. Sax. himil-tungal: Icel. himin-tungl: O. H. Ger. himil-zungal sidus.]

heofon-ware; pl. The inhabitants of heaven :-- Ealle gesceafta ge heofonware ge eorþware all creatures, both those in heaven and those on earth, Blickl. Homl. 11, 4. Ða hálgan heofenware the holy dwellers in heaven, 135, 17. v. next word.

heofon-waru, e; f. The inhabitants of heaven :-- Hé dyde ðæt eal heofonwaru wundrode he caused all the inhabitants of heaven to wonder, Homl. Th. i. 442, 35: Hy. 7, 95; Hy. Grn. ii. 289, 95. Ealle heofonwara and eorþwara on his andwerdnysse beóþ onstyred all those in heaven and on earth shall be moved in his presence, Chart. Th. 390, 10: Homl. Th. ii. 360, 32. Bearn heofonwara children of heaven-dwellers, Salm. Kmbl. 930; Sal. 464. Ætforan heofonwarum and eorþwarum and helwarum before the inhabitants of heaven and of earth and of hell, Homl. Th. ii. 604, 5. Cristes ácennednys gegladode heofenwara and eorþwara and helwara, i. 36, 25.

heofon-weard, es; m. The guardian of heaven, God, Cd. 6; Th. 8, 6; Gen. 120: 86; Th. 107, 28; Gen. 1796. [O. Sax. he&b-bar;an-ward an angel.]

heofon-wolcen, es; n. A cloud of heaven, of the sky :-- Of heofon-wolcnum from the clouds of heaven, Ps. Th. 147, 6. Ðæ-acute;r mec féddon hruse and heofonwolcn [? MS. wlonc] where earth and rain from heaven fed me, Exon. 126 b; Th. 485, 23; Rä. 72, 2. [Cf. O. Sax. himilwolcan: O. H. Ger. himil-wolchen nubes cæli.]

heofon-wóma, an; m. A heavenly sound, the sound heard at the day of judgment, Exon. 20 a; Th. 52, 58; Cri. 835: 22 b; Th. 62, 10; Cri. 999.

heofon-wuldor, es; n. Heavenly glory, Hy. 6, 12; Hy. Grn. ii. 286, 12.

heóf-sang, es; m. An elegy, Lye.

heófung, e; f. Mourning, lamentation, grieving :-- Ðonne beóþ heora siblingas tó heófunge geneádode then will their relations be forced to mourn, Homl. Th. i. 88, 1. Mid micelre heófunge with great lamentation, ii. 516, 59. Biddende forgifennysse mid wópe and heófunge asking forgiveness with weeping and lamentation, H. R. 107, 27. On ðære wæ-acute;ron áwritene heófunga scriptæ erant in eo lamentationes, Ælfc. Gr. 48; Som. 49, 8, 9. Æ-acute;r he tó heófungum sóðre behreówsunge gecyrran mæ-acute;ge before he can turn to the lamentations of true repentance, Homl. Th. ii. 124, 13.

heófung-dæg, es; m. A day of mourning :-- Ða heófungdagas wæ-acute;ron ðá gefyllede completi sunt dies planctus, Deut, 34, 8.

heófung-tíd, e; f. A time of mourning :-- Fram ðisum dæge óþ eastron is úre heófungtíd from this day until Easter is our time of mourning, Homl. Th. ii. 86, 25.

heolca, an; m.[?] Hoar-frost, rime :-- Swá swá bytte on heolcan sicut uter in pruina, Ps. Lamb. 118, 83.

heolfor, es; n. Blood from a wound, gore; cruor :-- Blód út ne com heolfor of hreþre ðeáh mec bite stíðecg stýle there came not out blood or gore from my breast though the steel with stiff edge bit me, Exon. 130 a; Th. 499, 9; Rä. 88, 13. Heolfres þurstge thirsty for gore, 99 b; Th. 373, 24; Seel. 114. Flód blóde weól hátan heolfre blood and hot gore bubbled up in the water, Beo. Th. 2850; B. 1423: 1702; B. 849: 2609; B. 1302: Andr. Kmbl. 2483; An. 1243: 2555; An. 1279: Cd. 166; Th. 206, 9; Exod. 449: Th. 208, 1; Exod. 476.

heolfrig; adj. Gory, bloody :-- Heolfrig herereáf gory armour, Judth. 12; Thw. 26, 8; Jud. 317: 11; Thw. 23, 20; Jud. 130.

heoloran, holrian; p. ede To weigh in a balance, to consider :-- Hé holrede pensavit, cogitavit, Mone B. 1604. Heolorende librantes, Cot. 123: 180, Lye.

heoloþ-cynn, es; n. A race living in a place of concealment[?], the devils in hell, Exon. 30 b; Th. 94, 19; Cri. 1542. v. next word; and cf. heolstor.

heoloþ-helm, es; m. A helm which conceals or makes invisible the wearer, Exon. 97 a; Th. 362, 31; Wal. 45. [Icel. huliðs-hjálmr.] v. hæleþ-helm.

heolra, heolora, an; m. The scale of a balance, a balance[?] :-- Twí-feald heolra bilanx, Lye. v. helur-blæd, heoloran.

heolstor, es; n. That which covers or conceals, darkness, a veil, covering, place of concealment :-- Siððan geára goldwine mínne hrusan heolstre biwráh since long ago the veil of earth enwrapped my bounteous patron, Exon. 76 b; Th. 287, 32; Wand. 23. Nágan wé ðæs heolstres ðæt wé ús gehýdan mágon we have not the place of concealment to hide ourselves in, Cd. 215; Th. 271, 5; Sat. 101. Gewitan him ðá gangan under beámsceade hýddon hie on heolstre ðá hie hálig word drihtnes gehýrdon they retired then under the trees' shade, hid themselves in the darkness when they heard the holy word of the Lord, 40; Th. 53, 12; Gen. 860. Ðá com beácna beorhtost of heolstre then came the sun out of darkness, Andr. Kmbl. 485; An. 243: Elen. Kmbl. 2223; El. 1113. Heolstre gehýded helme gedýgled þýstre oferfæðmed with a veil hidden, with a covering concealed, with darkness enwrapped, Exon. 122 b; Th. 470, 9; Hy. 11, 13: 61 b; Th. 227, 4; Ph. 418: 69 a; Th. 257, 2; Jul. 241: Elen. Kmbl. 2161; El. 1082. Sume wuniaþ on wéstennum gesittaþ hámas on heolstrum some dwell in deserts, occupy homes in hidden places, Exon. 33 b; Th. 107, 5; Gú. 54. [Goth. hulistr; n. a veil: cf. Icel. holstr; m. a sheath, case: Dut. holster holster. In Romaunt of Rose hulstred occurs = hidden 'I wol herborow me There I hope best to hulstred be,' 6146.]