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ÓFER - OFER-Æ-acute;T

ófer, ófor, es; m. I. an edge, border, margin :-- Óbr mango, Wrt. Voc. ii. 113, 45. Ófor, 55, 6. Ófer, Ælfc. Gr. 6; Som. 5, 51. On ðære lifre ófrum, Lchdm. ii. 204, 24. Smire ða ófras (the borders of a cancer) ðæ-acute;r hit reádige, 108, 20. II. the land bordering on water, a river-bank, sea-shore, over in local names, e.g. Over in Cambridgeshire, Wendover :-- Strand litus, brerd vel ófer crepido, Wrt. Voc. i. 54. 24-25. On ðone ófer; ondlong ófres ðæt on Stánford, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iii. 378, 20. Ondlong stræ-acute;te, ðæt on reádan ófer, iii. 52, 17. On ðære eá ófre, Nar. 10, 14: Byrht. Th. 132, 39; By. 28. On ófre ðæs foresprecenan

streámes, Bd. 2, 3; S. 504, 18. Of sæ-acute;s ófre, 4, 13; S. 582, 32. On ðam sealtum ófre, Homl. Th. ii. 146, 6. On (meres) ófre, Beo. Th. 2746; B. 1371. Ófras heá, streámas stronge, Exon. Th. 404, 14; Rä. 23, 7. On wæ-acute;tum stówum and on ófrum, Lchdm. i. 222, 19: Hpt. Gl. 516, 70. Óbras, ófras oras, sæ-acute; marmora, Wrt. Voc. ii. 91, 72: 64, 42. [Laym. Havel. over: M. H. Ger. uover: Ger. ufer: O. Du. oever.] v. eá-ófer.

ofer-æ-acute;t, es; m. I. over-eating, gluttony, excess in eating :-- Oferæ-acute;t ingluvies, Ælfc. Gr. 12; Som. 25, 54. Se oferæ-acute;t wierþ gehwierfed tó fierenluste edacitas usque ad luxuriam pertrahit, Past. 43, 2; Swt. 309, 14. Behealdaþ eów ðæt gé ne gehefegien eówer heortan mid oferæ-acute;te (in crapula), 18, 2; Swt. 129, 19. Ða téþ ðe nú on oferæ-acute;te blissiaþ, Homl. Th. i. 530, 32. Hine wið oferæ-acute;t beorge, L.E. I. 24; Thh ii. 422, 3. Þurh oferæ-acute;t per commessationem, Confess. Peccat. II. rioting, feasting, an entertainment where excessive eating takes place :-- Ða hús ða ðe on tó gebiddenne geworhte wæ-acute;ron ða syndon nú on hús gehwyrfed oferæ-acute;ta (commessationum), Bd. 4, 25; S. 601, 13. Oferétum comessationibus, Kent. Gl. 888. [Cf. ofer-etes = comessationes (in Rom. 13, 13), Rel. Ant. i. 131, 32: O. L. Ger. ovar-át: O. H. Ger. ubar-ázi, -ázzi; f. crapula, commessatio.]