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suovetaurili(a), Wrt. Voc. ii. 31, 33: 86, 33. Hwæ&d-bar;er þ&a-long; landleóde cr&i-long;stene wæ-long;ron &d-bar;e h&i-long; on hæ-long;&d-bar;enra gildum (in hæ-long;&d-bar;ennesse gedwolum, v. l.) lifdon (paganis erroribus essent inplicati). Bd. 2, l ; Sch. 109, 22. Gield sacra (Deorum destruxit), Wrt. Voc. ii. 90, 7. (2) a divinity, heathen deity :-- Beh&a-long;ta&d-bar; þæt g&e-long; wylla&d-bar; þ&a-long;m deófolgyldum wi&d-bar;sacan, and þone s&o-long;&d-bar;an God wur&d-bar;ian. . . . ' Beó Godes grama ofer &u-long;s, gif wé æ-long;fre t&o-long; hæ-long;&d-bar;enum gylde b&u-long;ga&d-bar;, ' Hml. Th. ii. 488, 7. Gield numina, Wrt. Voc. ii. 86, 34: 92, 80. Gild, 60, 70. (2 a) an idol :-- Gield dilubra, Wrt. Voc. ii. 94, 34: 27, 23. H&e-long; þ&a-long; &i-long;dlan gild bræc, Bl. H. 223, 18, l. IV. a guild, v. ge-gild :-- H&e-long;r is on þ&i-long;s gewrite siú geswitelung þæ-long;re geræ-long;d-nisse þe þiús gef&e-long;rræ-long;den geræ-long;d hæfþ on þegna gilde on Grantebrycge, Cht. Th. 610, 29. Se gylda þe &o-long;&d-bar;erne misgr&e-long;t innan gylde, 606, 23. v. bl&o-long;stm-, br&o-long;þor-, ceáp. , cyne-, ge-, geleger-, here-, h&y-long;d-, h&y-long;þ-, &i-long;del-, n&i-long;d-, niht-, scip-gild.

gilda. Add: I. one who pays. Cf. gildan; I. v. gafol-, n&i-long;d-gilda. la. one who receives pay. v. h&y-long;re-, m&e-long;d-gilda. II. one who does worship, sacrifice, &c. Cf. gildan; IV. v. deófol-, hæ-long;pen-gilda. III. a member of a guild :-- Gif hwylcum gyldan þearf s&i-long; his gef&e-long;rena fultumes, and hit gec&y-long;d wyrþe þæs gildan n&i-long;htstan gef&e-long;ran, b&u-long;tun se gilda sylf neáh s&i-long;. . . . Gif hw&a-long; gyldan ofstleá . . . wrece eal gildscipe þone gildan. . . . Gif æ-long;nig gilda hwilcne man ofstleá. Cht. Th. 611, 11-28. Þæs ofslegenan gegildan (gyldan, v. l.) the slain man's guild-brothers. Ll. Th. i. 116, 6: 112, 8. v. un-gilda.

gildan. Add: I. to pay. (l) to discharge an obligation, debt, &c. :-- Wi&d-bar; h&e-long; gulde þ-bar; scyld donec redderet debitum, Mt. L. 18, 30: 34. (l a) with dat. of person paid :-- Ryhtl&i-long;cor w&e-long; magon cwe&d-bar;an &d-bar;æt w&e-long; him gielden scylde &d-bar;onne w&e-long; him mildheortnesse d&o-long;n, Past. 335, 19. (l b) used absolutely :-- Ne hæfde hona gulde, Mt. L. 18, 25. Huona guldon, Lk. L. 7, 42. (2) to pay an impost (tax, tribute, &c.) :-- þ-bar; him leófre wæ-long;re t&o-long; feohtanne þonne gafol t&o-long; gieldanne, Ors. l, 10 ; S. 44, 14. (2 a) with dat. of person paid :-- Sió wiht (a ship) werum gielde&d-bar; gaful geára gehw&a-long;m, Rä. 33, II. &U-long;s deáþ mycel gafol geald, Bl. H. 85, 12. Man geald æ-long;rest gafol Deniscan mannum, Chr. 991; P. 127, 3. Geldas &d-bar;&a-long; &d-bar;e sint cæseres &d-bar;æ-long;m c&a-long;sere, Mk. L. R. 12, 17. Hié geniéddon þ-bar; hié him gafol guidon, Ors. 10; S. 14, 19. Man sceolde gafol gyldon þ&a-long;m flotan. Chr. 1002; P. 133, 32. Þ&a-long; nor&d-bar;monnum niéde sceoldon gombon gieldan and gafol sellan, Gen. 1978. Gyldan, B. II. (3) to pay a legal exaction (wergild, w&i-long;te, &c.) :-- Mana þone þæs &a-long;ngyldes; gif h&e-long; næbbe, gyld (gild, v. l.) þ&u-long; þ-bar; &a-long;ngylde. Ll. Th. i. 116, II. Gielde h&e-long; fut w&i-long;te, 128, 18. Gylde h&e-long; lahslit mid Deniscum, w&i-long;te mid Englum, 170, I : 172, 1: 384, 20. Gilde h&e-long; þæs cynges oferh&y-long;rnesse . . . Gif h&e-long; ryht wyrcan nylle, ne þ&a-long; oferh&y-long;rnesse syllan . . . , 208, 26. Gielden his mæ-long;gas þone wer, 148, 18. þ-bar; man gulde þ-bar; ceápgild, 208, 22. þ-bar; h&e-long; þeófgyld ne gulde, 280, 13 : 294, 23. (3 a) with dat. of person paid :-- Gilde se borh þ&a-long;m teónde his ceápgyld, LI. Th. i. 282, 3 : 390, 23: 354, 31: 396, 2. (3 b) used absolutely :-- S&i-long; þreóra &a-long;n . . . wergild . . . And beó þæ-long;ra þreóra swylc hit beó, gilde h&e-long; . . . , Ll. Th. i. 332, 19. Sw&a-long; for&d-bar; þ-bar; ful golden s&y-long;, 174, 29. (4) where the object of the verb is (a) that which is used to pay with, to pay cash, &c. :-- Ðæt h&e-long; him gielde g&o-long;d weorc for &d-bar;æ-long;re giefe &d-bar;e h&e-long; him æ-long;r sealde, Past. 339, II. (b) the amount paid :-- H&e-long; æ-long;lce geáre gyld .i. pund t&o-long; geswutelunga, C. D. ii. 300, 8. Seó burhwaru on Lundene guldon .xi. þ&u-long;send punda. Chr. 1018 ; P. 155, 12. Gesylle (v. l. gylde) h&e-long; .xxx. sci&l-bar;&l-bar;., Ll. Th. i. 204, 20: 208, ll. Gilde h&e-long; landr&i-long;can .xx. &o-long;ran, 294, 17: 296, 2. Æt þ&a-long;m &o-long;&d-bar;rum t&a-long;um healf gelde, 20, 3. Se cyning h&e-long;t gyldan þ&a-long;m here .xxi. þ&u-long;send punda, Chr. 1014; P. 145, 25. ' Huu micel &a-long;ht &d-bar;&u-long; t&o-long; geldanne hl&a-long;ferde m&i-long;num ?' H&e-long; cuoe&d-bar;: ' Hundteántih ombras oeles , ' Lk. L. 16, 5. (bb) to repay an amount taken or borrowed :-- W&e-long;nst&u-long; gif hw&a-long; &o-long;&d-bar;rum hwæt gieldan sceal, hwæ&d-bar;er h&e-long; hine mid &d-bar;&y-long; gehealdan mæge &d-bar;æt hé him n&a-long;uht m&a-long;re on ne nime, ne &d-bar;æt ne gielde &d-bar;æt h&e-long; æ-long;r nam?, Past. 425, 1-3. Tuoege scyldgo (debitores) woeron sume r&i-long;ce menn (feneratori), &a-long;n &a-long;hte t&o-long; geldanne penningas f&i-long;f hund, &o-long;&d-bar;er f&i-long;fteih, Lk. L. 7, 41. (5) the manner or extent of payment given by an adverb (word, phrase, or clause) :-- Gif man mannan ofsleá, &a-long;gene scætte and unf&a-long;cne feó gelde, Ll. Th. i. ID, 5. Æ-acute;lc tihtbysig man gange t&o-long; þryfealdan ord&a-long;le, oþþe gilde feówergilde, 294, 10. Gilde h&e-long; .iii. gylde, 15. Ð&a-long; hw&i-long;le &d-bar;e hié peningas hæbben mid t&o-long; gieldanne, Past. 327, 18. II. with the idea of recompense, retribution, (a) to give reward, give as retribution :-- S&e-long; þ&e-long; eft gylde&d-bar; þ&a-long; þ&u-long; him æ-long;r forgeáfe, and &u-long;s eallum gesealdest qui retribuet tibi retributionem tuam quam tu retribuisti nobis, Ps. Th. 136, 8. H&e-long; him dæ-long;da leán gielde&d-bar;, G&u-long;. 95. Ceig &d-bar;&a-long; wercmenn, and geld him meard, Mt. L. 20, 8. Bi&d-bar; golden retribuetur (ei juxta opera manmim suarum), Kent. Gl. 410 : retribuentur (justis bona), 463. (b) used absolutely , to reward, requite, give reward to (dat.) :-- Þ&u-long; m&i-long;nre s&a-long;wle gyldest retribues in anima mea, Ps. Th. 130, 4. Gyld oferh&y-long;digum, sw&a-long; h&i-long; æ-long;r grame worhton, 93, 2. Drihten wile æ-long;ghwylcum &a-long;num men gyldan and leánigean æfter his sylfes weorcum and dæ-long;dum, Bl. H. 123, 34: Ps. Th. 102, 10. (bb) where the means of reward are given, to reward with (mid) :-- H&e-long; þ&e-long; mid w&i-long;te gielde&d-bar;, swilce þ&a-long;m &o-long;&d-bar;rum mid eádwelan, Fä. 19. H&e-long; þ&e-long; mid g&o-long;de gyldan wille uncran eaferan, B. 1184. III. to pay for, (I) with idea of gratitude, to repay, make grateful return for a benefit to a person (dat.) :-- Sw&a-long; g&e-long; weor&d-bar;-myndu Dryhtne gielda&d-bar;, G&u-long;. 435. Geald þone g&u-long;&d-bar;ræ-long;s Geáta dryhten Iofore and Wulfe mid oferm&a-long;&d-bar;mum, B. 2991. Sw&e-long;tne medo Hnæfe guldon his hægstealdas, Fin. 40. M&e-long; leánum m&i-long;ne gife gyldan, Gen. 413: B. 2636. (l a) with clause :-- Gyld m&e-long; mid hyldo, þæt ic þ&e-long; hneáw ne wæs, Gen. 2823. Þ&e-long; wile g&a-long;sta weard lissum gyldan, þæt þ&e-long; wæs leófra his sibb . . . , 2920. (1 b) of ungrateful return for a benefit :-- Woldon hié þæt feorhleán f&a-long;cne gyldan, Exod. 150. (2) with idea of reprisal, to repay an injury, take vengeance for :-- H&e-long; næ-long;nigum yfel wiþ yfele geald, Bl. H. 223, 33. Ne geald h&e-long; yfel yfele, El. 493. Him þæt sw&i-long;&d-bar;e geald fædera Lothes, Gen. 2079. Folc Ebr&e-long;a guldon hyra fyrngeflitu f&a-long;gum swyrdum, Jud. 263. Gif h&y-long; him ne meahte m&a-long;ran s&a-long;rum gyldan gyrnwræce, G&u-long;. 405. (2 a) with clause :-- Gylda&d-bar; mid gyrne, þæt heó &u-long;ssa goda meaht forhogde, Jul. 619. (3) with idea of compensation, reparation, &c. (a) to pay for property lost or wrongly held, an object improperly treated, a person improperly entertained :-- Æ-acute;ghwilcre spræ-long;ce þe m&a-long;re s&y-long; þonne .iiii. mancussas . . . gif h&e-long; ne dyrre (hine l&a-long;dian), gylde hit (the subject of the suit) þrygilde, Ll. Th. i. 154, II. Gylde þ-bar; h&e-long; mid bel&e-long;d wæs (what he was charged with stealing), 354, 15. Sceáp sceal gongan mid his fliése o&d-bar; midne sumor, oþþe gilde þ-bar; fliése mid tw&a-long;m pænirgum, 146, II. Gylde þ-bar; pound; yrfe (stolen cattle), 352, 7. S&e-long; þe &o-long;&d-bar;res mannes man underf&o-long; . . . gylde hine þæ-long;m þe h&e-long; æ-long;r folgode, and gesylle þ&a-long;m cynge .cxx. sci&l-bar;&l-bar;., 220, 21 : 122, l. Gif ic gesealde land (land which ought to have gone in the male line) æ-long;nigre w&i-long;fhanda, þonne forgyldan m&i-long;ne mæ-long;gas . . . For &d-bar;on ic cweþe þ-bar; h&i-long; hit gyldan . . . , Cht. Th. 491, 21-29. Gif mon &a-long;felle on wuda wel monega treówu . . . foUNCERTAINgielde .iii. treówu æ-long;lc mid .xxx. sci&l-bar;&l-bar;. . . . Ne þearf h&e-long; hiora m&a-long; geldan, Ll. Th. i. 128, 22. Be æ-long;lces n&y-long;tenes weor&d-bar;e gif h&i-long; losia&d-bar;. Hors mon sceal gyldan mid .xxx. sci&l-bar;&l-bar;. . . . Ungesawene þing mon m&o-long;t mid &a-long;&d-bar;e gewyr&d-bar;an, and syþþan be þ&a-long;m gyldan, 356, 1-7. (b) to pay for a criminal :-- Gif h&e-long; (an accused person) þ-bar; ord&a-long;l forfleó, gilde se borh hine be his were, Ll. Th. i. 296, 5. (c) to pay wergild for a slain person :-- Gif w&i-long;teþeów hine forstalie, h&o-long; hine mon and ne gylde his hl&a-long;forde. Gif hine mon ofsleá, ne gylde hine mon his mæ-long;gum, Ll. Th. i. 118, 6-8. Gielde h&e-long; hine þriddan dæ-long;le . . . healfne dæ-long;l hine gilde . . . ealne h&e-long; hine gylde, 120, 12-15. Gif Ænglisc man Deniscne ofsleá, gylde hine mid .xxx. pundum, 286, 21: 24. Gif man ofslægen weor&d-bar;e, gylde hine man sw&a-long; h&e-long; geboren s&y-long;, 174, 15. Ne þearf h&e-long; hine b&u-long;ton be healfan were gyldan . . . healf wer ætfeal&d-bar;, 354, 19. (cc) where the object is omitted :-- Gif mannes esne eorlcundne mannan ofslæh&d-bar;, þane þe sió (v. se; I. l g), þreóm hundum sci&l-bar;&l-bar;. gylde (he shall be paid for with three hundred shillings); se &a-long;gend þone banan &a-long;gefe and d&o-long; þæ-long;r þrió manwyr&d-bar; t&o-long;. Gif se bana o&d-bar;byrste, feór&d-bar;e manwyr&d-bar; h&e-long; t&o-long; ged&o-long; . . . Gif mannes esne fr&i-long;gne mannan ofslæh&d-bar;, þane þe sié, hund scillinga gelde; se &a-long;gend þone banan &a-long;gefe and &o-long;&d-bar;er manwyr&d-bar; þæ-long;r t&o-long;. Gif bana o&d-bar;byrste, tw&a-long;m manwyr&d-bar;um hine man forgelde, Ll. Th. i. 26, 8 - 28, 8. [From these passages the manwyr&d-bar; seems to have been 100s., as the payment for any eorlcund man is spoken of both as 300s. and as þrió manwyrþ, that for any free man as 100s, or as a manwyr&d-bar;; in either case if the slayer could not be given up an additional manwyrþ had to be paid, making in the one case four, in the other two manwyrþ.] IV. of religious practice v. gild ; III. (l) with object, to pay a vow, pay homage to a divinity :-- On m&e-long; synd, God, þæt ic þ&e-long; m&i-long;n geh&a-long;t on herenesse, hyldo gilde in me sunt, Deus, vota tua, quae reddam, laudationes tibi, Ps. Th. 55, 10. þ-bar;te ic gelde oest m&i-long;n, Rtl. 169, 7. (l a) absolute :-- Geh&a-long;ta&d-bar; Drihtne, and him hra&d-bar;e gylda&d-bar;, Ps. Th. 75, 8. Þ&e-long; gedafena&d-bar;, Drihten, þæt þ&e-long; man on Sion herige and on Hierusalem gylde and geh&a-long;te (tibi reddetur votum in Hierusalem), 64, I. (2) without object, to worship, sacrifice to :-- Gif ceorl b&u-long;ton w&i-long;fes w&i-long;sd&o-long;me deóflum gelde. . . Gif b&u-long;tw&u-long; deóflum gelda&d-bar;. . . Gif þeúw deóflum geldaþ (-eþ?), Ll. Th. i. 40, 4-7. Hit &a-long;writen is be Salamone, h&u-long; h&e-long; . . . &a-long;fióll, emne o&d-bar; &d-bar;æt h&e-long; dióflum ongan gieldan Salomon usque ad idolatriam cecidisse describitur, Past. 393, 15. H&e-long; eorlum onmæ-long;lde , . . þæt hié gegnunga gyldan sceolde, Dan. 212. Lupercalibus þæ-long;m gildendum. Luperci vocantur illi sacerdotes qui ministrant deo qui vocatur Pan, Wrt. Voc. ii. 86, 54: 52, 40. v. ed-gildan.

gild-dæg, es; m. A day for a religious ceremony, v. gildan; IV, gild; III :-- Gelddagas (geldagas, Wrt. Voc. i. 16, 54), þæt sind h&a-long;lige cerimonia vel orgia, Wülck. Gl. 107, 22. Cf. freóls-dæg.

-gilde, es; n. v. ge-, þegen-gilde : -gilde; adj. v. æ-long;-, ander-, or-, un-, unander-gilde.

-gilde in composition with numerals, forming noun, adj., or adv. v. &a-long;n-, endleofan-, feówer-, nigon-, six-, twelf-, twi-, þri-gilde [Icel. -gildr.]

gildend. v. ed-gildend : gildere. [O. H. Ger. ant-gelt&a-long;ri restitutor.] v. gafol-gildere.

gild-scipe. Add :-- On Wudeburge lande is eác &a-long;n &o-long;&d-bar;er gildscipe ge-gaderod Cr&i-long;ste and SUNCERTAINUNCERTAIN Petre . . . And þis sind þ&a-long;ra manna nama[n], Cht. Th. 609, 24. Gif hwilc gilda forþfære, gebrynge hine eal se gildscipe þæ-long;r h&e-long; t&o-long;; wilnie . . . Wrece eal gildscipe þone gildan, 611, 2, 25. Of Alwines gildscipe . . . Of þ&a-long;m gildscipe on L&e-long;ge, 610, I. 9. v. ge-gildscipe.

gild-selenn, e ; f. Tribute :-- Gecunnedon of &d-bar;æ-long;m gæfel &l-bar; gyldselenna