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183. all-áræðislítill, adj. very timid, Fms. vi. 217. all-ástúðligt,

n. adj. very hearty, intimate, Fms. ii. 20. all-banvænn, adj. very

likely to prove mortal, Orkn. 148. all-beinn, adj. very hospitable,

Fms. ii. 84, Eb. 286: neut. as adv., Fær. 259. all-beiskr, adj. very

harsh, bitter, Sturl. iii. 167. all-bert, n. adj. very manifest, Lex.

Poët. all-bitr, adj. very biting, sharp, Sks. 548. all-bitrligr, adj.

of a very sharp appearance, Vígl. 20. all-bjartr, adj. very bright,

Fms. viii. 361. all-bjúgr, adj. very much bent, curved, Ölkofr. 39.

all-blár, adj. very blue, Glúm. 394. all-blíðliga, adv. and -ligr,

adj. very blithely, kindly, Fær. 132. all-blíðr, adj. very mild, amia-

ble, Sd. 158, Fms. i. 202. all-bráðgörr, adj. very soon mature, Eb.

16. all-bráðliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very hastily, Orkn. 72. all-bråðr,

adj. very hot-headed, Njarð. 370: neut. as adv. very soon, Fms.

xi. 51: dat. pl. all-bráðum, as adv. very suddenly, 139. all-bros-ligr,

adj. and -liga, adv. very funny, laughable, Fms. iii. 113. all-dasigr,

adj. very sluggish. Lex. Poët. all-digr, adj, very big, stout;

metaph. puffed up, Nj. 236. all-djarfliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very

boldly, Fms. ii. 313, Orkn. 102. all-djúpsettr, adj. very deep,

thoughtful, Bret. 158. all-drengiliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very bold,

gallant, Lv. 110. all-dræmt, n. adj. very boastfully, from dramb,

superbia, (the modern word is dræmt = slowly, sluggishly); þeir létu a. yfir

sér, boasted, Sturl. ii. 56. MS. Mus. Brit. 1127; Cod. A. M. has allvænt,

prob. wrongly. all-dyggr, adj. very doughty, Lex. Poët. all-dýrr,

adj. very dear, Fms. iii. 159. all-eiguligr, adj. very worth

having, Sd. 146. all-eina (theol.), á Guð alleina (a hymn), alone:

Hkr. iii. 339 (in a spurious chapter). all-einarðliga, adv. and -ligr,

adj. very sincere, candid, open, Ld. 334. all-eldiligr and -elliligr,

adj. of a very aged appearance, Fms. iii. 125. all-fagr, adj. very bright,

fair, Orkn. 296 old Ed.: neut. as adv. very fairly, Sturl. i. 72. all-fast,

n. adj. very firmly, steadfastly, Eb. 290, Fær. 259. all-fastorðr, adj.

very 'wordfast,' very true to his word, Fms. vii. 120. all-fálátr, adj.

very taciturn, close, Fas. iii. 408. all-fáliga, adv. on very cold terms,

Sturl. iii. 298. all-fámáligr, adj. very close, of very few words, Fms.

iii. 85, iv. 366. all-fámennr, adj. followed by very few people, Sturl.

ii. 122, Magn. 386. all-far, adj. very few, Eg. 512, Ld. 272, Ísl. ii.

356: neut. on very cold terms, Fms. xi. 55. all-fáræðinn, adj. of

very few words, Fms. iv. 312. all-feginn, adj. very 'fain,' glad, Eg.

240, Ld. 330. all-feginsamliga, adv. very 'fain,' gladly, Eg. 27.

all-feigligr, adj. having the mark of death very plain on one's face, v.

feigr, Sturl. iii. 234. all-feitr, adj. very fat, Fms. x. 303. all-ferliga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. very rudely, Fms. iv. 263. all-fémikill,

adj. very costly, Ld. 298. all-fjarri, adv. very far, far from, metaph.,

Hkr. ii. 246; eigi a., not improper, Fbr. 15. all-fjartekit, part, very

far-fetched, Skálda 166. all-fjölgan, adj. acc. very numerous (does

not exist in nom.), Sks. 138 A. all-fjölkunnigr, adj. very deeply

versed in sorcery, Fms. ii. 175, Fas. i. 412. all-fjölmeðr and -mennr,

adj. followed, attended by very many people, much frequented, Eg. 724, 188,

Hkr. i. 215: n. sing, in very great numbers, Fms. i. 36. all-fjölrætt,

n. adj. very heedful, much talked of, Nj. 109. all-forsjáll, adj. very

prudent, Hom. 115. all-framr, adj. very famous, Lex. Poët.; very far

forward, Grett. 161 A. all-frekliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very daringly,

impudently, Fas. i. 24. all-frekr, adj. too eager, too daring, Fms. vii.

164. all-friðliga, adv. in very great peace, Lex. Poët. all-fríðr,

adj. very beautiful, Eg. 23, Hkr. i. 225, ii. 354, Fms. i. 2. all-frjáls,

adj. very free, independent, v. alfrjáls. all-fróðligr, adj. and -liga,

adv. very wise, learned, Sks. 306 B. all-fróðr, adj. very learned, Sks.

30. all-frægr, adj. very famous, Fms. ii. 324, Hkr. i. 232, ii. 187,

Ld. 122. all-frækiliga, adv. and -ligr, adj., and all-frækn, adj. and

-liga, adv. very bold, boldly, Ísl. ii. 267, Hkr. i. 239, Fms. i. 121. all-fúss,

adj. and -liga, adv. very eager, eagerly, Eg. 488, Fms. xi. 89.

all-fýsiligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very desirable, Eg. 19, 468. all-fölr,

adj. very pale, Lex. Poët. all-gagnsamr, adj. very profitable,

gainful, Ísl. ii. 56. all-gamall, adj. very old, Hkr. i. 34. all-gegniliga

and -gegnliga, adv. very fittingly, Sturl. ii. 63. all-gemsmikill,

adj. very wanton, frolicsome, Sturl. ii. 57. all-gerla

and -görviligr, v. -görla, -görviligr. all-gestrisinn, adj. very hos-

pitable, Háv. 40. all-geysilegr, adj. and -liga, adv. very impetuous,

Fms. x. 81. all-gildliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. with a very grand air,

Grett. 121. all-gildr, adj. very grand. Lex. Poët. all-giptusam-liga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. very lucky, Fms. x. 53. all-glaðliga, adv.

and -ligr, adj. very joyfully, joyful, Fms. iii. 143, Lv. 55. all-glaðr,

adj. very joyful, Eg. 163, Ld. 176. all-gleymr, adj. very gleeful,

mirthful, in high spirits, [glaumr], verða a. við e-t, Sturl. iii. 152, Eb. 36.

all-glæsiliga, adj. and -ligr, adv. very shiny, Eb. 34, Fas. iii. 626, Fms.

ix. 430. all-glöggsær, adj. very transparent, dearly visible, metaph.,

þorf. Karl. 380. all-glöggt, n. adj. very exactly, Hkr. iii. 253, Fas.

iii. 13. all-góðmannliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very kindly, kind,

Mag. 6. all-góðr, adj. very good, Nj. 222, Eg. 36, 198. all-greiðliga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. very easy, easily, Eb. 268: neut. as adv., Eb.

l. c. all-grimmliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very grimly, fiercely, Fas. iii.

414. all-grimmr, adj. very cruel, fierce, Hkr. iii. 167. all-grun-samliga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. very suspiciously, Ísl. ii. 364. all-göfugr,

adj. very distinguished, Eg. 598, Bs. i. 60. all-görla, adv.

very clearly, precisely, Hkr. iii. 133, Fms. xi. 15. all-görviligr, adj.

very stout, manly, Fms. ii. 28. all-hagstæðr, adj. with a very fair wind,

Sturl. iii. 109. all-harðligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very hard, stern, Fas.

i. 382. all-harðr, adj. very hard, stern, Fms. i. 177: n. sing, severely,

Nj. 165, Grág. i. 261. all-háskasamligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very

hazardous, Fms. v. 135. all-heiðinn, adj. quite heathen, Fs. 89 (in a verse).

all-heilagr, adj. very sacred, Lex. Poët. all-heimskliga, adv. and

-ligr, adj. very foolish, frantic, Hkr. ii. 190, Fas. iii. 293. all-heimskr,

adj. very silly, stupid, Eg. 376, Grett. 159. all-heppinn, adj. very

lucky, happy, Lex. Poët. all-herðimikill, adj. very broad-shouldered,

Eg. 305. all-hermannliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very martial, Fms.

xi. 233. all-hjaldrjúgr, adj. very gossipping, chattering, Lv. 57:

neut. as adv., Vápn. 10. all-hógliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very gently,

Fms. xi. 240, vi. 274. all-hóleitr and -háleitr, adj. very sublime,

Hom. 23. all-hór and -hár, adj. very high, tall, v. -hár. all-hratt,

n. adj. in all speed, Lex. Poët. all-hraustliga, adv. and -ligr,

adj. very bravely, Fms. viii. 289, Eb. 34. all-hraustr, adj. very valiant,

Fms. viii. 267. all-hreystimannliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very

valiantly, Fms. xi. 95. all-hrumliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very in-

firmly from age, Fas. ii. 91. all-hræddr, adj. very much afraid, Fbr.

94. all-hræðinn, adj. very timid, Fms. vi. 155. all-huml;mgsjúkr,

adj. very grieved, heart-sick, Hkr. i. 243, Fms. vi. 133. all-hvass,

adj. of the wind, blowing very sharp, Fms. ix. 20, Lex. Poët. all-hyggi-ligr,

adj. and -liga, adv. very carefully, Fas. iii. 610. all-hýrliga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. very blandly, with a very bright face, Fas. iii. 636.

all-hæðiligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very ridiculous, Finnb. 312. all-hældreginn,

adj. walking very much on one's heels, dragging the heels

very much in walking, of an aged or beggarly person, Band. 9. all-hœgliga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. very softly, meekly, Fms. xi. 389. all-hœlinn,

adj. very bragging. Lex. Poët. all-iðinn, adj. very diligent,

laborious, Bs. i. 278. all-illa, adv. and -illr, adj. very badly, bad,

wicked, Nj. 242, cp. ilia; ill-willed, Eg. 542: compar., vera allver um, to be

worse off, Nj. 221 (Ed. allvant); angry, Lv. 145; disgraceful, Eg. 237;

unfortunate, Sturl. ii. 47. all-jafnlyndr, adj. very calm, even-tem-

pered, Fms. vi. 287. all-kaldr, adj. very cold, Vápn. 21. all-kappsamliga,

adv. and -ligr, adj. with very much zeal, liberally, Hkr.

i. 271; veita a., of hospitality, Ld. 292; mæla a., frankly, peremptorily,

296. all-kappsamr, adj. very eager, vehement, Eg. 187. all-karlmannliga,adv.

and -ligr, adj. very manfully, Fms. x. 141. all-kaupmannliga,

adv. in a very businesslike, tradesmanlike way, Fms. v.255.

all-kátligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very funny, Grett. 112. all-kátr,

adj. very joyful, Nj. 18, Eg. 44, 332. all-keppinn, adj. very

snappish, Lex. Poët. all-kerskiligr and -keskiligr, adj. and -liga,

adv. very sarcastic, biting, Sturl. ii. 196. all-klókr, adj. very shrewd,

Hkr. iii. 317. all-knáliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very stoutly, vigorously,

Rd. 312. all-kostgæflliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very earnestly, in a

very painstaking way, Stj. all-kostigr, adj. very excellent. Lex. Poët,

all-kviklatr, adj. very quick, lively, Ld. 270. all-kynliga, adv. and

-ligr, adj. very strangely, strange, Ísl. ii. 58, Fms. ii. 227, Grett. 160.

all-kyrrligr, adj. very quiet, tranquil, Háv. 49. all-kærr, adj. very

dear, beloved, Eg. 139, Fms. i. 48; very fond of, Hkr. i. 194: neut., Eg.

116, of mutual love. all-langr, adj. very long, Háv. 49. all-laust,

n. adj. very loosely, Fms. xi. 103. all-lágr, adj. very low, short

of stature, Fbr. 68. all-lengi, adv. very long, K. þ. K. 158. all-léttbrúnn,

adj. of very brightened, cheerful countenance, Ld. 94. all-léttiliga,

adv. very lightly, Fas. iii. 612. all-léttmælt, n. adj., vera

a. um e-t, to speak in a very lively way, Fms. iv. 261. all-léttr, adj.

very light (in weight), Fas. iii. 487. all-líkliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. in

very agreeable, courteous terms, Fas. i. 84. all-likligr, adj. very likely,

Fas. ii. 247, Sks. 669. all-líkr, adj. very like, Fas. iii. 579, Sd. 160,

Korm. 142. all-lítilfjörligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very puny, prop, having

little life in one, Háv. 54. all-litill, adj. very little, Fær. 268: n.

sing, all-litt, as adv. very little, Nj. 108, 130, Korm. 172; poorly, Grett. 116.

all-lyginn, adj. very given to lying, Fbr. 157. all-makligr, adj. and

-liga, adv. very deserving, fitting, Sturl. iii. 127, Bjarn. 22. all-mann-fátt,

n. adj. with very few people, Gísl. 31. all-mannhættr, adj. very dan-

gerous, Fas. iii. 34. all-mannskæðr, adj. very full of manskathe, very

murderous, Fms. ii. 512. all-mannæenligr, adj. a very promising man,

Fms. iv. 254. all-mannvænn, adj. a man of very great promise, Hkr. ii.

182. all-margliga, adv. very affably, Sturl. iii. 27. all-margmæltr,

part, very talkative, Sturl. ii. 179. all-margr, adj. very numerous, pl.

very many, Nj. 32, Grág. ii. 176, Sks. 328, Gþl. 329. all-margrætt, n.

adj. part, very much spoken of, Fms. viii. 275. all-málugr, adj. very

loquacious, Hkr. iii. 152, 655 xi. 2. all-máttfarinn, adj. very much

worn out, with very little strength left, Fas. ii. 356. all-máttlítill,

adj. very weak, Fms. i. 159. all-meginlauss, adj. very void of strength,

Fms. xi. 103. all-mikilfengligr, adj. very high and mighty, very im-

posing, Fs. all-mikill, adj. very great, Ísl. ii. 269, Nj. 193, Eg. 29,

39: neut. as adv. greatly, Fms. i. 24, vii. 110. all-mikilmannliga,