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adv. very nobly, Sturl. i. 33. all-misjafn, adj. very variously, un-

favourably, in such phrases as, mæla a. um e-t, there were very different

stories about the matter, leggja a. til, ganga a. undir, taka a. á, Eg. 242,

Hkr. ii. 123, Fms. i. 86, vii. no, Ld. 166. all-mjór, adj. very slim,

slender, narrow, Hkr. iii. 117, Gþl. 173. all-mjök, adv. very much,

Nj. 134, Ld. 196, Eg. 19; féllu þá a. menn, in very great numbers, Fms.

i. 173. all-myrkr, adj. very dark, Fms. ix. 23. all-mæðiliga,

adv. with very great effort, heavily, Fms. ix. 16. all-nauðigr, adj.

and -liga, adv. very reluctant, unwilling, Grett. 153; a. staddr, danger-

ously, Fms. v. 212. all-náinn, adj. very near, nearly related, Sks.

330. all-náttförull, adj. very much given to wandering by night,

Lex. Poët. all-níðskárr, adj. of a poet, given to mocking, satirical

verse, [níð and skáld (?)], Fms. ii. 7. all-nóg, adv. very abundantly,

Sd. 182. all-nær, adv. very near, Fms. vii. 289; metaph., lagði a.

at, pretty nearly, well-nigh, Fs., Sks. 684 B. all-nærri, adv. very near,

Ld. 202, Fas. iii. 339. all-opt, adv. very often, Anecd. 38, Gþl. 169.

all-orðfátt, n. adj. in the phrase, göra a. urn, to be very short of words

as to, Bjarn. 31. all-ógurligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very frightful,

Edda 41. all-ólmliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very furiously, Fas. iii.

546, Bárð. 177. áll-óttalaust, n. adj. with very little to fear, Eg.

371, v. l. all-ramskipaðr, adj. part, very strongly manned, Fms. iii.

13. all-rauðr, adj. very red, Ld. 182. all-ráðligr, adj. very ex-

pedient, advisable, Grett. 145. all-reiðiligr, adj. looking very wrath-

ful, Fms. iv. 161. all-reiðr, adj. very wroth, angry, Edda 57, Nj. 135,

Eg. 139. all-ríkmarmligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very grand, pomp-

ous, magnificent, Fms. i. 213. all-ríkr, adj. very powerful, Fms. i. 115.

all-rýrliga., adv. and -ligr, adj. very feebly, puny, Fbr. 28. all-rösk-

liga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very smart, brisk, Fms. viii. 317. all-sann-

ligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very likely, 'soothlike,' Fms. iv. 270. all-

sáttgjarnliga, adv and -ligr, adj. very placable, of mild disposition,

Sturl. iii. 288. all-seinn, adj. very slow, Bs. i. 192: neut. as adv.

slowly, Grett. 151 A. all-sigrsæll, adj. very victorious, having very

good luck in war, Hkr. i. 28. all-skammr, adj. very short, very scant,

Nj. 264: neut. substantively, a very short way, Finnb. 324; short distance,

Fms. iv. 329. all-skapliga, adv. very fittingly, properly, Grett. 120.

all-skapværr, adj. of a very gentle, meek disposition, Sturl. all-skap-

þungt, n. adj., vera a., to be in a very gloomy, depressed state of mind,

Fms. iv. 26. all-skarpr, adj. very sharp, Lex. Poët. all-skeinu-

hættr, adj. very dangerous, vulnerable, Sturl. ii. 139. all-skemti-

ligr, adj. very amusing, Sturl. ii. 77. all-skillítill, adj. very slow-

witted, dull, Sturl. j. 89. all-skjallkænliga, adv. [skjalla, to flatter],

very coaxingly, Grett. 131 A. all-skjótt, n. adj. as adv. very soon,

Nj. 236. all-skrautligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very smart, splendid,

Fas. ii. 366, Mag. 11. all-skygn, adj. very sharp-sighted, Hrafn. 33.

all-skyldr, adj. bound to, very obligatory; neut. == bounden duty, Sks.

484; deserved, Gþl. 61: β. nearly related, near akin, Fms. xi. 75.

all-skyndiliga, adv. very quickly, Blas. 40. all-skynsamliga, adv.

very judiciously, Stud. iii. 161. all-skyrugr, adj. all curd-besprent,

Grett. 107 A. all-sköruliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very frankly,

boldly, dignified, Sturl. iii. 39, Fms. ix. 5, Ld. 94 C, 226, Bs. i. all-

sljáliga, adv. very slowly, sluggishly, Grett. 101 A. all-smár, adj.

very small, Fms. v. 55, xi. 61. all-snarpliga, adv. and -ligr, adj.

very sharply, smartly, Fms. viii. 346. all-snarpr, adj. very sharp,

Fms. i. 38, Nj. 246. all-snemma, adv. very early, Fms. ii. 223.

all-snjallr, adj. very shrewd, clever, Fms. viii. 367. all-snúðula,

adv. very quickly, Lex. Poët. all-snæfr, adj. very brisk, id. all-

snöfurmannligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very brisk and energetic looking,

of a man, Fms. xi. 79. all-spakliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very mildly,

moderately, wisely, Hkr. ii. 41. all-spakr, adj. very gentle, wise,

Fms. vi. 298. all-starsýnn, adj. who stares very hard at a thing,

looking fixedly upon, Fms. vi. 203. all-sterkliga, adv. and -ligr, adj.

very briskly, strongly, Ld. 158, Fas. iii. 612. all-sterkr, adj. very

strong, Hkr. i. 238, Eg. 285; Ísl. ii. 461 (very vehement); as a pr. name,

Fms. iii. 183. all-stilliliga, adv. very calmly, in a very composed

manner, Ld. 318. all-stirðr, adj. very stiff, Háv. 46. all-stór-

höggr, adj. dealing very hard blows, Fms. i. 171. all-stórliga, adv.

very haughtily, Hkr. ii. 63, Ld. 168. all-stórmannliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very munificently, nobly, Fas. iii. 45; haughtily, Sd. 146. all-

stórorðr, adj. using very big words, Eg. 340, Ld. 38 (very boisterous).

all-stórr, adj. very great, metaph. big, puffed up, Ld. 318; dat. all-stórum,

as adv. very largely, Edda 32. all-strangr, adj. very rapid, Lex.

Poët. all-styggr, adj. very ill-humoured, cross, Grett. 103 A. all-

styrkliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very stoutly, Stj. 402. all-styrkr, adj.

very strong, Fms. i. 177. all-svangr, adj. very hungry, Lex. Poët.

all-svinnliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very wisely, prudently, wise, Fas. i.

95, ii. 266. all-sættfúss, adj. very placable, peace-loving, very will-

ing to accept an atonement, Sturl. iii. 19. all-sœmiliga, adv. and

-ligr, adj. very seemly, decorous, honourable, Hkr. i. 215, Ísl. ii. 163.

all-tiginn, adj. very princely, Lex. Poët. all-tillátsamr, adj. very

indulgent, lenient, þórð. 12. all-tíðrætt, n. adj. very much talked of,

much spoken of, Eg. 99, Sturl. i. 199. all-tíðvirkr, adj. very quick at

work, Fms. xi. 377. all-torfyndr, adj. very hard to find, Fms. vii.

356. all-torfært, n. adj. very hard to pass, cross, Eg. 546. all-

torsótt, n. adj. part, very difficult to reach, Eg. 546. all-tortryggi-

liga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very suspiciously, Sturl. ii. 47. all-torveld-

ligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very difficult, Str. all-trauðr, adj. very

slow, unwilling, Fms. xi. 39. all-tregr, adj. very tardy, Fær. 114,

Bárð. 178. all-trúr, adj. very true. Fms. vi. 377. all-tryggr,

adj. very trusty, Hkr. iii. 167. all-tvítugr, false reading, instead of eigi

alls t., not quite twenty, Sturl. i. 181. all-undarligr, adj. and -liga,

adv. very odd, wonderful, Fms. ii. 150. all-ungr, adj. very young,

Eg. 268, Fms. i. 14, Ld. 274. all-úbeinskeyttr, adj. shooting very

badly, Fms. ii. 103. all-úblíðr, adj. very harsh, unkind, Fas. ii.

all-úbragðligr, adj. very ill-looking, Sturl. iii. 234. all-údæll, adj.

very spiteful, untractable, Sturl. i. 99. all-úfagr, adj. very ugly, metaph.,

Fms. iii. 154. all-úfimliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very awkwardly, Fas.

ii. 543. all-úframliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very backward, shy, timid,

Fbr. 38 C. all-úfríðr, adj. very ugly, Fms. xi. 227. all-úfrýnn,

adj. very sullen, 'frowning,' sour, Eg. 525. all-úfrægr, adj. very in-

glorious, Fms. iv. 259. all-úglaðr, adj. very gloomy, sad, Hkr. iii.

379. all-úhægr, adj. very difficult, Eg. 227. all-úhöfðingligr,

adj. very low-looking, very plebeian, Finnb. 222. all-úkátr, adj. very

sorrowful, Edda 35, Eg. 223, Fms. i. 37. all-úknár, adj. very weak

of frame, Grett. 119 A, very badly knit; Bs. i. 461 (of boys). all-

úkonungligr, adj. very unkingly, Fms. viii. 158. all-úkunnigr, adj.

quite unknown, Ísl. ii. 412. all-úlífligr, adj. very unlikely to live, Hkr.

ii. 200. all-úlíkliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very unlikely, Gísl. 24, Sd.

123, Finnb. 310. all-úlíkr, adj. very unlike, Glúm. 364. all-

úlyginn, adj. not at all given to lie, truthful, Fbr. 157. all-úmáttu-

liga, adv. and -ligr, adj. weakly, very weak, tender, Fms. iv. 318. all-

úráðinn, adj. part, very 'unready' (cp. Ethelred the 'unready'), unde-

cided, Lv. 9. all-úráðliga, adv. very unadvisedly, rashly, Odd. 12

old Ed. all-úsannligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very untruthful, unjust;

also, unlikely, Fms. vii. 141. all-úsáttfúss, adj. very implacable, un-

willing to come to terms, Sturl. iii. 275. all-úskyldr. adj. very strange

to, not at all bound to..., Eg. 10. all-úspakr, adj. very unruly,

Sturl. ii. 61. all-úsváss, adj. very uncomfortable, of weather, cold and

rainy, Bs. i. 509. all-úsýnn, adj. very uncertain, doubtful, Glúm.

358, Sturl. i. 105. all-úsæligr, adj. of very poor, wretched appearance,

Niðrst. 109. all-úvinsæll, adj. very unpopular, Fms. iv. 369, Fas. iii.

520. all-úvísliga, adv. very unwisely, Niðrst. 6. all-úvænliga.,

adv. and -ligr, adj. of very unfavourable prospect, Fas. ii. 266; n. adj. very

unpromising, Grett. 148 A. all-úvænn, adi. very ugly, Fas. i. 234;

very unpromising, unfavourable, Ísl. ii. 225: neut. as adv. unfavourably,

Fms. xi. 134. all-úþarfr, adj. very unthrifty, very unprofitable, some-

thing that had better be prevented, Eg. 576, Hkr. ii. 245. all-vand-

látr, adj. very difficult, hard to please, Fms. vi. 387. all-vandliga,

adv. with very great pains, exactly, carefully, Sks. 658 B. all-vant, n.

adj., vera a. um e-t, to be in a very great strait, Nj. 221. all-varfærr,

adj. very careful, solicitous, Eg. 63. all-vaskligr, adj. and -liga, adv.

very brisk, smart, gallant, Hkr. i. 104; compar. v. alvaskligr. all-vaskr,

adj. very brisk, gallant, Fms. viii. 226. all-vandr, adj. very bad, of

clothes, much worn, Pm. 11. all-vápndjarfr, adj. very bold, daring

in arms, Hkr. iii. 63. all-veðrlítið, n. adj. very calm, with little

wind, Fms. vi. 360. all-vegliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very grand,

princely, nobly, Fms. i. 20, Eg. 332, Hkr. i. 15. all-vel, adv. very well,

Nj. 12, Eg. 78, 198; compar. albetr, v. alvel. all-vesall, adj. very puny,

wretched, Nj. 97. all-vesalliga, adv. very wretchedly, Ölk. 35. all-

vesalmannliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. id., Ísl. ii. 416. all-vesæll, adj.

very miserable, base, vile, Nj. 97. all-vingjarnliga, adv. and -ligr,

adj. very friendly, amicable, Sturl. ii. 168. all-vingott, n. adj. on

very friendly terms, Fbr. 129. all-vinsæll, adj. very popular, used of

a man blessed with many friends, Fms. i. 184, ii. 44, Orkn. 104 old Ed.

all-virðuligr, adj. and -liga, adv. very worthy, dignified, Fms. x. 84,

Bs. i. 83. all-vitr, adj. very wise, Sks. 29 B (superl.) all-vitrliga,

adv. very wisely, Fas. ii. 66. all-víða and all-vítt, n. adj. very widely,

Hkr. iii. 141, Lex. Poët. all-vígliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. in a very

warlike manner, Fms. ix. 488, Fas. ii. 112. all-vígmannliga, adv.

very martially, Fas. iii. 150. all-vígmóðr, adj. quite wearied out with

fighting, Introd. to Helgakviða (Sæm.) all-víss, adj. very wise, sure,

Sks. 520, Lex. Poët.: neut. to a dead certainty, Lex. Poët. all-væn-

liga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very promising, handsome, Glúm. 349, Fms. v.

260, Fbr. 114. all-vænn, adj. id., Clem. 24, Bs. i. 340: neut., þykja

a. um, to be in high spirits, Ísl. ii. 361; make much of, Fms. ii. 76; as adv.

favourably, Fms. iv. 192. all-vörpuligr, adj. of a very stout, stately

frame, Hkr. ii. 254. all-vöxtuligr, adj. very tall, of large growth,

Fas. iii. 627. all-þakkligr, adj. very pretty, = þekkiligr, Lex. Poët,

all-þakksamliga, adv. and -ligr, adj. very thankfully, Fms. i. 120, Ld.

298. all-þarfliga, adv. very thriftily, very pressingly; biðja a., to beg

very hard, Edda 45. all-þarfr, adj. very thrifty, Lex. Poët. all-

þéttr, adj. very crowded, cp. Lex. Poët. all-þrekligr, adj. of a very

robust frame, Hkr. ii. 2. all-þröngr, adj. as neut. in a very great